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Sig Sauer's Rebate (What A Huge Disappointment)

A couple of months ago I picked up a P220. It's okay I suppose, but I haven't been overly excited about it. One of the perks about the purchase, though, was a rebate for two free magazines and a pistol bag with purchase. I submitted my claim eight weeks ago today. I assumed they would be sending me the items in the mail like every other company does. Nope.

I get an email today from Sig telling me my rebate is ready and they give me a one time access code to get my items from their store. Well, I think this is a goofy way of doing a rebate, but I'll go ahead and play. I go to their store to get my items and guess what....SOLD OUT. I guess Sig is probably hoping I'll forget about the rebate, or lose the code or something so I don't collect my rebate. I thought HK was the only company that didn't like the civilian market.

Anyway, no more chasing a Sig rebate for me.
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