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My memory has been jogged.

After you screwed up my birthday order, I bought a Galco and called your office guy and told him to forget the holster on your "next time we set up on that syle" promise. CANCEL THE ORDER. That was the first promise of a Credit Card refund.

I was wrong, I DID get my holster from you!. FOURTEEN MONTHS after I ordered it, and cancealed the order because you did not have the holster I ordered. Your really on top of things huh Bill?

So here we go again, yet another long distance call. Your guy told me to return the holster for a full refund! Seems like we have been down this road once before huh Bill?

SOOOOOOOO, I get to pay postage to return a CANCELED holster order, that took FOURTEEN MONTHS to fill.

I guess it's time for generic excuse number 2: "we only have a 3 man crew"

Maybe you should hire some help or shut the doors?

Still waiting on that refund pal.

Maybe I should hold my breatrh.
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