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Remember that hiker that caught his arm stuck in some boulders and couldn't get out? Was there a couple days or something and ended up hacking off his own arm with a pocket knife or some crap, and then walked his way out.
In his case, it was astounding. I believe it was reported that he was able to do this because his arm was crushed and had died due to no blood flow. When he cut through it, the dead limb didn't bleed much. And he did pass out a few times I believe. He also didn't have to fight through zombies, evade and escape.

Yep, there are some rare examples of people cutting through their legs, arms, whatever with small saws and even pocket knives. While it *can* happen in probably 1 in 1,000,000 cases, to think that Meryl is one of them is a real stretch.

I didn't care for Meryl's character truthfully. Stereotype that I don't care for regarding 'rednecks' from the south.... imagine the uproar if other stereotypes were shown from the Atlanta area...

On topic, Rick's python is sweet. But I agree I'd rather have a GP100. I like the Glocks, SW gen 3, and a few others.

I was astounded when they weren't collecting up all the guns from the CDC when they arrived. I know they were short on time, but I'd have been grabbing at least a few rifles and backpacks full of mags. How about that M2!?!? (I know they left in a hurry...)
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