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Okay, I got a response back which amazed me in itself. I never expected a reply that fast when I was asking for assistance. Apparently I got an even better deal than what I had thought. Here is Dr Davis' reply to me:

Hello Craig,

You have a very collectable replica black powder revolver. The Logo on the Butt is Investarms of Italy, a smaller manufacturer. The revolver is a replica of the Confederate Schneider & Glassick. No Italian manufacturer or American importer ever marketed this brass frame copy of the Colt 1851 Navy as a Schneider & Glassick, probably because they had no knowledge of such a revolver. Only three original revolvers are known to exist and one of these had a steel frame rather than brass. These were usually marketed as an 1851 Navy which it isn't since no brass frame 1851 Navy Models were ever produced by Colt.

I cannot make out the Date Code in the picture but I would assume it was made in the early to middle 1970's.

There is an unpublished article on the RPRCA web site at:

Hope this helps.

Jim L. Davis

I took a look on the linked page and sure enough, about midways down, is the logo. Now to get a new hand and spring in this baby and on the range.

Thanks to everyone for the input and assistance. I think this is going to be a fun forum to hang around. ~Craig
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