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I agree with peetzakiller, the following statement by Don P is just WRONG:

All the folks bashing Mid-Way should read the above quote. Mid-Way has some of the best prices on parts and supplies.
I always search multiple dealers before I buy anything. I have Midway's dealer prices. At least half of the time their dealer prices are higher than other peoples retail prices. And once you add their ridiculous shipping costs, you're better off spending $5 of gas to go to the LGS (if they have your item) and paying sales tax.

I can understand a $4 fee for a small order. I understand that. But then to charge me $16 to ship a metal pin that could go first class for under a dollar? Or even UPS for under $10? Midway does exactly what most eBay sellers do, try to make additional revenue on shipping. I wonder how that is reflected on their annual taxes?
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