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Shane Tuttle
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It doesn't affect anything about the sale, but depending on who made the dies, you might be able to get another seater. Call the manufacturer - RCBS and Lee both stood WAY up for thier products with me. Can't hurt to ask.
That's my plan. I'm going to be up front and tell what I have. I'm sure the price if I have to pay isn't much. But then I add it to the price I paid for the dies and it will probably equate to not much of a deal in the big picture.

At least I'll have a working set...

Sorry to hear that Tuttle, but there are good sellers on this forum. I try and keep a running list for myself.
You got that right. I know the good members certainly outweigh the bad...
If it were up to me, the word "got" would be deleted from the English language.

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