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Buyer Beware!

I just thought I'd share my recent experience with a company out of Vermont called M&M Engineering, the make manuals for various guns on assembly, cleaning, maintenence etc. I won an Ebay auction for one of their manuals (CZ-52) it was being sold by the owner of the company Mike Pugliese, after the auction, he claims that if you'd like any of their other manuals, to just list them with the payment and add $5 for each title, so I email and tell him which ones I'd like (4 different titles) as well as list them on paper when i sent him the payment, it's now been a month since payment was sent, I received 2 copies of the cz-52 manual today thats it, none of the others i ordered, other than the original email he sent right after the auction, he does not respond to emails (5-6 sent in the last month), the phone number listed with ebay and in the manual i got just rings at any time of the day, no answer, and ebay has suspended his account so they can help no more. His manuals show up at alot of the shows in this area, I would urge anyone thinking of buying one, not to! Companies with this kind of shoddy service dont deserve to be in business!
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