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March 15, 2014, 12:21 PM
Im looking and wondering...what are the rifles being displayed in Crimea? I am a big fan of Russian rifles myself and wondering what others see in the various images on the net?

March 15, 2014, 07:12 PM
Supposedly the new AK12's were seen by someone, somewhere (seem as elusive as Big Foot, though). Also there was a great shot early on of the alleged "Right-Wing Fascist Terrorists" terrorizing ethnic Russians while wearing distinctive striped T-shirts under their jackets and carrying very high end GM-94 grenade launchers (IIRC, the "victims" badly faked non-injuries in the video)


March 15, 2014, 07:15 PM
I think all I have seen on pictures there are there AK47 with plastic stocks.

March 15, 2014, 10:21 PM
So far, I've seen several old style AK-74 paratrooper models with the side folding metal stock, and the new AK with the side folding polymer stock.

Most seem to be the new model, and you have to look close to see the side folding latch mechanism on the side of the polymer stock.

March 16, 2014, 01:11 AM
They are AK-74M, M for 'Modernized'

Basically updated muzzle brake, folding synthetic stock, and something to do with the receiver.

March 16, 2014, 02:27 AM
I saw at least two news clips where the civilians were armed with what were clearly air rifles.

March 16, 2014, 04:46 AM
A quick googling shows that in Feb 2012, Russia adopted the AK12 as their official issue rifle.

March 16, 2014, 11:25 AM
All of the Russian soldiers appear similar, but there are minor differences easily spotted. The first Russian troops in seemed the most disciplined and the best equipped. Their uniforms seemed new and had the latest digital camo. Some looked like they carried silenced sniper rifles and I did see what looked like either the Ak12 or the AN94. If you have ever experienced any military unit you know new equipment and fresh uniforms are hard to come by unless you are a critical mission ready unit.

Later on in the game the troops started appearing with AK74s. The late model all plastic kind. Their camo seemed more olive drab and these troops seemed less disciplined. There was one video of a Korean or Chinese Russian soldier who was laughing and seemed a little chunky for military service. He was probably part of the later units. There was even one unit equipped with desert goggles with the word track on them.

Obviously the initial units in were the spearhead and most elite. They carried the rifles which you dont see in the regular Russian army. The units which followed were a mix from different parts of Russia and had different missions. Not much in the way of anti tank weapons or tracked armor. Probably not expecting an armor response.

March 16, 2014, 12:10 PM
I saw at least two news clips where the civilians were armed with what were clearly air rifles.

Oh please, please! Magazines. We don't call them "clips". :D

March 16, 2014, 03:03 PM
Film clips....videos......sound bites.

Oh.............. I get it!

March 16, 2014, 04:17 PM

March 18, 2014, 11:08 AM
I decided to look up some Google images of Russian forces in Crimea and saw all types of different rifles. Mainly AK-74Ms with the orange Bakelite mags, AN-94s, one or two AK-12s, and lots of PKP Pechenegs. From what I understand from the things I've read, the AK-12 was never officially adopted as there are millions of AK-74s in their stockpile which were considered good enough. Johnelmore is right in that most of the newer rifles will be issued as special status or mission-specific equipment for more elite or specialized units. Most of the grunts had the stockpile rifles. I saw no Val type rifles, but I didn't expect to as I was under the assumption that those are very limited issue to special force units. I did see one picture of a very serious looking fellow with a Dragunov SVD. Didn't notice anything particularly high tech and no impact detonated weapons. Lots of tanks of different types.

March 18, 2014, 05:58 PM
Some of the AK74s look a bit older depending on the Russian soldier. I saw one picture today where the black AK74 had a brown wooden like magazine. You could see some of the black wearing off. These guys appeared in olive drab uniforms which were a tad faded. Lets call these guys the third tier troops. Reserved for guard duty and to make things look defended.

March 19, 2014, 09:50 AM
There is one vid showing a Russian Soldier wearing a belaclava standing in front of a truck with a scoped newer Draganov with the steel frame stock . Nice rifle . This is some of the footage being shown over and over by FOX .

March 19, 2014, 08:51 PM
There are these Russian soldiers who wear a solid light brown uniform with the cargo pockets being a dark color or a reverse color. I have no idea if thats camo or what the purpose behind that type of uniform. Its not anything I have seen used in any military of the world. Its almost as if its a uniform thats been turned inside out.

Thats an old trick of turning clothing inside out when you havent washed for days, but I think this is an actual uniform design.