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February 2, 2014, 11:25 PM
i received a yugoslavian Alexandria interarms Mark x 30-06
ive found out a small amount on the maker through searching
the internet but the one i was given is a custom gun.

the serial number is B 1523, it has a laminated stock that has a lighter wood
and a red wood that is molded in strips about a quarter of an inch wide. the trap
door is sterling silver that is engraved "custom made gun for pat mackenzie by
by bill smith"

i know its vague but im not very savvy on what makes a gun collectible
or otherwise valuable.

if anyone has any information it would be much appreciated

Art Eatman
February 3, 2014, 07:48 AM
The Mark 10 has a good reputation for basic quality.

Unless built by a renowned gunsmith, customized guns have little or no extra value from the work. Basically, "just a shooter".

February 3, 2014, 08:10 AM
Those actions used to be sold just as actions and were used by gunsmiths for custom builds. They were quite popular at one time. They were also sold as complete rifles with several different names stamped on them. Most recently as the Remington 798. Before that they were stamped Charles Daly.

They are known as a well made, solid, dependable CRF action selling at reasonable prices. But could be a little rough and crudely finished. Most were used as hard working rifles, not fancy collectables.

A photo would be helpful

February 3, 2014, 01:55 PM

Used commercial Mauser 98's, like the Mark-X, are commonly used as an alternative to using a military M98, since most of the costly conversion pieces (D&T'd, bent bolt handle, new bbl, a good trigger, etc) are already in place at pretty much the same cost as an unconverted military rifle.

"Collectible" firearms (as opposed to ready-made new collectibles) are usually discontinued older guns, in very good or better original factory condition - regardless of what some sellers claim.

Custom guns are usually made for one person's taste, and often don't appeal to others/all, and so achieve a "shooter grade", even though in excellent condition.
Some folks will pay extra for one, others won't - but rest assired that every seller will want the extra $$$ for one. :p

If you like the rifle, then you're good to go - although I'd want to remove the engraved dedication, unless the parties were known or related to me. YMMV.

You can also make any changes you desire to the rifle, w/o much changing the value, unless it get's "bubba'd". :cool: