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May 20, 2012, 05:12 PM

Here is the kicker:
The two Thompson Center rifles are a matching 50 and 54 cal high grade pair with set triggers, supposedly set triggers.

The guy received an appraisal on those two for 2200-2800. The whole set for $7200. He is asking 6200 and sitting on two offers of $5500.
I called him interested in a muzzle loader suitable for display. Those are certainly suitable, but a little outside my price range.

They can't be all that old of production and I find replacement double set triggers here:

Is there something that could make these worth it or is it just a case of people not knowing what they are looking at?

May 21, 2012, 05:20 PM
IMHO he should have taken the $5500 & ran when he had the chance - suckers don't come along every day.

The seller seems to be a hoplaphobe (see his comments re: "I have no use for them and dont want them in the house with my three kids." ), and has no clue as to what he has, since at least two on his list are nonesuch guns (Ruger 22 mag Blackhawk & Ruger 32 mag Super Redhawk / Nickle plated with a bull barrel.).


Ruger 44 mag Super Blackhawk with the 10 1/2" barrel and a scope. - $450
Ruger 357 mag Blackhawk - $350
Ruger 22 mag Blackhawk - $350 Single-Six ?
Ruger 32 mag Super Redhawk / Nickle plated with a bull barrel. ??? the only Ruger .32's were SA's & the SP-101, none were nickled (stainless ?), none w/bull bbl.
2 Moss 12 gage pumps - $350 for both
Winchester 12 gage pump with 2 barrels - My money's on a M1200 pkg @ $400
4 Muzzleloaders - 2 Thompson Centers, 3 50 cals and 1 54 cal. - $1000 IF the 2 are from the T/C Custom Shop, $700 if not.
Remington 700 6mm high powered riffle with a scope. - $450

I come up with about $2600, w/o the mystery ".32."


May 21, 2012, 09:07 PM
I spoke with the guy on the phone. He doesn't know much about guns, but he does know a little. I didn't check his story out in much detail b/c at the price he was asking for the muzzle loaders I was far from interested. I just need a gun for display it doesn't even need to function or be in perfect condition, or be perfectly period accurate. Looking at below $200 max, hope to pick one up at an auction for $100.

I believe Ruger has made a number of distributor exclusives and small runs of black hawks in odd calibers. There are some well respected gun smiths that do conversions and they are pricey. I assumed his descriptions were accurate and these were of that variety. I wasn't interested in buying them even at a reasonable "shooter" price, so I didn't look into it more.

Assuming he actually had a dealer do an appraisal I would be surprised if they didn't know the difference between different ruger revolvers and accidentally thought they were oddbal calibers instead of the norm.

It is possible the guy is just trying to rip someone off though. If someone drops that kind of money and doesn't take them to an independent appraiser or know enough about guns to tell the difference between a DA SP101 and an irregular single action blackhawk, especially when it is printed on the guns, I can't feel sorry for them.