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May 27, 2010, 09:49 AM
i started casting for my 1911, using 160gr bullet. the problem im having is that when i tried to cycle a dud round through my gun to test its functionality they get stuck. there are marks where it hits the rifling. they are sized to .451. they are seated at the correct OAL, so i have no idea, if this is normal as with lead oyu want a tighter fit or if this is a real problem... any ideas?

May 27, 2010, 10:03 AM
Forget the published overall lenght. Push the bullet deeper into the case until it stops hitting the riffling.

Take into account you may be changing the pressure, so if you are any where close to max. powder loads, back off a bit.

A lot of feeding problems with functioning 45s (and other simular type semi-autos) is that people dont seat the bullet deep enough, This shows up mostly on SWC type bullets but somewhat on round nose.

These type autos headspace on the rim. When a taper crimp is used the case in "squeezed" at the mouth and often the bullet, (near the mouth) is a tiny bit bigger then the case mouth, so the gun tries to headspace on the bullet instead of the mouth. The the loaded round wont seat all the way.

A good way to set up your seating TC sizing dies is to remove the barrel from the gun. Size the empty case until it fits propertly in the chamber. Then measure the case mouth, record this number some where.

Now seat the bullet, seat it deep enough that the ojive taper is just out of the mouth, meaning that just a head of the mouth of the cast is less then the mouth measurement you recorded.

This way, you know the case is headspacing on the mouth, not the bullet. This should slide right into the chamber by its own weight.

Set you bullet seating depth and crimping die up accordingly and you'll eliminate you feeding problems.

Published OAL data is based on the throat of the test chamber, your gun may or may not be the same.

Watch for pressure when adjusting your seating depth.

May 28, 2010, 09:52 PM
that did the job, just didnt use a crimp and seated it deaper. 160gr bullet with 4 gr 700x. first couple shoots looked promising. thanks!