View Full Version : Picking Barrels and Related Specs for new savage build

January 25, 2010, 09:38 AM
I once read an article where someone had studied the ideal barrel length for dozens (if not hundereds) of calibers and calculated at what length the advantage of adding another inch and gaining velocity was outweighed by the incresed flex of a longer barrel as it related to 1000 yard shooting.....but I can't seem to find that article anymore. If anyone knows of a similar study it would be a great help to me.

I am currently building 2 rifles and need to pick barrels. One is a 300RUM that will be built as a slightly heavy long range hunting rig and also used at 1000 yards Or More (potentially 1600+ according to my ballistics software) just for fun, plinking steel silhouettes and extremely long range practice. It might see 150-210gr bullets but primarily it will be fed 165gr nosler ballistic tip and 200gr noster accubond (or 165 and 200 barnes TSX) And it needs to be as accurate as possible

The Other is a switch barrel 22-250 AI used for hunting varmints with 50-60gr ammo...moa accuracy to 500 yards is enough to make me happy on this one...nothing record setting needed.
With the second barrel being .308 Primarily for F-Class style competition but at 600 yards. Maximum accuracy needed in this one....probably using high BC 165-200gr target ammo.

I was thinking 27" for the RUM - fluted with a finished diameter of about 0.825 and maybe the same for the 22-250AI but only 25" long; and I'm not sure about the .308 I think I want a more balanced rifle if I will be shooting prone unsupported sometimes, so maybe 22" long? But I'm not sure about the diameter or if I want it fluted or not.

I'm open for suggestions on Everything, but largely on what manufacturer to use, what twist rate, what kind of rifling do I want....there is too much to consider for someone as uneducated as I am at this point.