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January 6, 2010, 02:31 PM
I am still working up to making my first cast. the lead that I was given to work with is from a roofing friend. It is supposedly "pure lead" from roofing pipes/boots (sorry i don't know roofing for the proper term). How do I know how much flux to add? Any particular type or can I just use soldering flux from the local lowes/home depot?

January 6, 2010, 03:13 PM
If you are going to smelt outside, it really doesn't make much difference as to how much flux you use. You can flux with small piece of paraphine or candle wax. You can also purchase flux that is designated for this purpose, like Frankford Arsenal or others that have been listed in this forum before. Suggest you do a search and you will find many posts that will answer your questons and then some.

Any particular type or can I just use soldering flux from the local lowes/home depot?
This is not the kind of flux that you would want to use but I suppose in a stretch, it might work. If you have no other choice, just use a chunk of old candle.

Be Safe !!!

January 6, 2010, 03:24 PM
Almost anything carbon based will work well for fluxing. Some people use paraffin, others use pieces of candles, beeswax, old cast and lubed bullets, bullet lube, sawdust, or any number of other things to flux their alloys. The main purpose of fluxing is to remove impurities and alloy the good metals together. It doesn't take a lot, but could (and often should) be repeated to get your alloy clean. The amount would depend on the quantity of lead you are melting and how dirty it is.

If you are going to be casting for black powder, the pure lead is great. If you plan on casting for handguns, mix it 50/50 with wheelweights (clip-on type) to harden it up a little and then try to stick below about 1200fps or so. If you are casting for rifles, you may want to mix it with some linotype or something to get the hardness up a bit higher to allow for higher velocities or use gas checks on the bullets.

Good luck, be careful, and PAY ATTENTION to what you are doing. There are many great sites around for additional information on bullet casting. I'd recommend reading up on it and learning as much as you can so you don't have to learn the same hard lessons others have. I don't want to list the sites here, but if you want some help finding them I'd be happy to PM you a few of my favorites.

Happy Casting!

January 6, 2010, 03:28 PM
If your melting and cleaning the lead just drop in a pea sized piece of wax in a 10 to 20 lb pot and stir it in. Also you can use alox bullet lube. Watch out because it will flame up on you and that is fine. Also you can use a dry wood stick for flux, it works pretty good. Just put the stick in the pot and stir it for a bit.

January 6, 2010, 03:49 PM
I haven't done any casting in along time. I used to use just wheel weights a lot of the time they came out just a bit harder than what used to be called a #2 alloy. I also mixed them with pure led 50/50. If you use just pure lead you can add tin and antimony and flux. Don't remember the amounts. Made thousands of 158gr .38's with all those mixes. All worked good. The 50/50 mix with a copper gas check makes a great .44 mag round.