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January 20, 2009, 06:21 PM
This struck me as odd...

I read the recent troll thread and someone referred him/her to the Brady site. I made my once-yearly trip to the site, via that link, just to see if anything had changed (don't bother, it really hasn't). However, I did notice a conspicuous absence of anything resembling a forum. Doesn't it seem that if they really have that much work to do, so much to change, and so much to legislate, that they'd also have something to say about it in an open forum?

All wry humor aside...I just found it amusing that they can't open their logic to public rebuttal because said rebuttal would be swift and concise, whereas here on TFL I've never seen a decent argument against that for which we stand. Are there any real anti-gun forums (not just democratic focus, but actual equal and opposite entities to TFL)? Do they have any meaningful content, whether or not you agree with it?

January 20, 2009, 06:28 PM
Gun owners donate money and vote the issue.

People who support more gun control generally do so as a 4th rate issue. They don't donate money to organizations seeking to further gun control and they don't vote the issue.

Just look at the amount of money spent lobbying and supporting legislators. Gun rights spending far outpaces gun control spending.

Gun control is important to gun owners and it really isn't to the vast majority of non gun owners.

If it wasn't for the media constantly passing out the mindless nonsense that comes from the brady campaign as fact it would have zero influence.

January 21, 2009, 10:53 AM
The Brady bunch used to have Helmke's blog posts open to public comments. They soon realized their supporters who posted were getting their butts kicked on the logic front by the RKBA folk that went to rebutt Bradys drivel. As an occassional poster there it was pretty fun to watch the two or three anti gun posters resorting to name calling and stuttering. On the other hand it was not much fun to see how little understanding of history, logic, science any of them had.