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October 14, 2008, 12:17 AM
Hello, I'm new here to the forum. My questions are:
1. Does anyone have any experience in getting a suppressor in Great Falls, MT?
2. When I turn 21, I plan on getting a suppressor. I currently reside at a college and live with my mother for the rest of the year. Would i have to keep updating the forms that the ATF have on record each time i move between college and my house?
3. I am applying for a conceal weapons permit pretty soon, I was wondering if I were to carry my weapon concealed, is it still legal to carry the silencer with it, or would I have to leave that off and some were else?

October 14, 2008, 01:18 AM
I know its illegal to carry or possess a firearm on my campus. I go to the shooting range here every couple days, to have fun and practice for hunting season and to just keep my skills sharp. Just curious though about the other questions.

October 14, 2008, 06:21 AM
I think trying to keep a silencer on a concealed weapon is going to be an issue. Not sure if it's legal, but why have a huge tube sticking down your leg. Printing could be an issue.:barf:

Second, If I'm ever in a situation where I must use my weapon, the muzzle blast/sound is the least of my worries.

October 14, 2008, 10:11 AM
Aside from the argument over if it's a good idea or not, you need to research your states CCW laws. My state, Louisiana, only allows you to conceal a handgun. Since a silencer is considered a firearm, I can't legally conceal it. Other states make no reference to the type of firearm you can conceal so you could conceal a submachine gun, grenade launcher, or silencer if you wanted to.

You only need to update your address if you are permanently moving the silencer out of state. If you are moving in state or visiting your family out of state you do not need to update the ATF.

If you do need to update your address one day it's a very easy form and only takes about a week round trip to get approved.

It's worth repeating.. a silencer by itself is a firearm. Don't take it onto campus or anywhere where it would be illegal to carry a gun.

David Hineline
October 14, 2008, 11:00 PM
The advise about checking your local laws regarding ccw is a good one.

There is no requirement to notify the ATF before or after you move a silencer in state or out of state, as long as it's legal in your final destination.