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February 2, 2006, 01:37 AM
Got the new 2006 Winchester catalog today.
Shows about six new variations of Model 70s for '06, four new 94 versions, four 9422 farewell Tribute Models.
Looks like a good year for Winchesters, eh what? :rolleyes:
Can't wait to see the new Model 94 Takedown. :D

February 2, 2006, 02:30 AM
New 94's too? Any 38/55's in that catalog? I'm confused....again:confused: What about all this "sky is falling" hoopla with the factorys closing down & such. I been trying to get that Legacy 94 38/55 over the past week or so w/o any luck at all & the prices have skyrocketed:eek:

February 2, 2006, 08:53 AM
That's what his rolled-eyes were about. Verified by (otherwise unrelated) call to Winchester yesterday - Mar 31 shutdown. The masochist in me would like to know what the new 94 models (and 70s) were going to be. Give us a quick report? Another question - this mean Browning's part of the action too? Fantasy - maybe Browning can somehow get the 94 franchise?

February 2, 2006, 03:12 PM
I'da thought somebody could have seen the factory closing far enough ahead to cut the Winchester catalog in half, but.....
There was a camo Shadow Elite 70 with stainless fluted barrel in WSM calibers. Black synthetic stock 70 Shadow models with fluted and non fluted stainless barrels in various calibers, push feed/controlled feed/controlled push feed options, and one with iron sights (.375 H&H Mag). A new Super Grade Centennial 70 .30-06 with high grade checkered walnut, controlled feed, blued barrel, engraved/gold-filled floorplate denoting 100 years of the .30-06.
New 70 Coyote Outback with some really ugly through & through "vents" cut into the laminated buttstock & fore-end, fluted stainless barrel. Two other Coyotes, one laminated short action, one synthetic Bell & Carlson lightweight with stainless fluted barrel & four "vents" cut through the fore-end, short action.
One new Ranger Model 1300 hunting gun, three new Defender models.
The Winchester catalog came in a press packet with the Browning catalog, too.
Not sure what you mean by "Browning's a part of the action..."
Browning is not affected by the closing of the Winchester plant.
There wouldn't be much sense in Browning (a profitable division) trying to take over production of Winchester guns (a non-profitable division). Since both are owned by FN, that would still leave the parent company with an on going financial loss. Browning doesn't own any manufacturing facilities, they'd either have to contract with somebody to build the guns for them under license from Olin for the Winchester brand name, or run the New Haven plant themselves. They've used a very successful market strategy to date based on not operating their own plants, not much reason to change now.
Incidentally, I've seen a couple comments about "Why couldn't FN let Browning guns go, instead of Winchesters?" May be of interest to note the Winchester catalog has 51 pages of products & services, the Browning catalog has 152. The Browning brand has a tremendously higher value across a very wide product spectrum than the Winchester brand.