View Full Version : Reviews of TAPCO SKS Stock?

November 22, 2005, 09:05 AM
Newbie here. Thanks to all for a ton of info, from a long time lurker.
I did a search, but couldn't find much on Tapco's new T6 collapsible stock for the SKS in these forums. I see that [email protected] is pretty good about announcing new products. But has anyone heard/experienced anything on these? How about Tapco's overall quality on stocks? Thanks for your help.

November 22, 2005, 11:12 PM
I am not familiar with the stock you mentioned, but will do some research on it. I am however, familiar with some of the AK stocks Tapco has offered. And if this is anything like those, it is a complete peice of 5h1t! If you really plan on switching out your SKS stock, may I suggest you opt for the CHOATE Dragonov stock(not to be confused with the fiberforce stock, which is probably the worst stock made for any gun ever!). It costs a little more at around $80 but is truly an example of getting what you pay for. There are many things you can get for the SKS, and the SKS is a great rifle, but you have to be careful. Most of the aftermarket goodies are worthless. Do your homework.

November 23, 2005, 12:45 AM
I, too, have looked at that T-6 stock at Tapco. It looks like the Choate AR T-6 stock (which IS a good stock, hopefully they do make it, I have searched all over the net trying to figure out WHO makes it, to no avail). It seems Tapco has an "exclusive" on it right now and they are out of stock as well. The only trouble with changing stocks is that these guns are subject to ATF rules which may mean you have to spend more $$ to achieve "compliance". I wouldn't mind a nicer stock for my '53r, but I don't want to replace the 7 or 8 other pricey parts to keep it legal. As I read it (on Tapco's site), I wouldn't even be able to keep the fixed, ten round mag and would have to use a detatchable (they sell a five round) mag! Between the T-6 stock and all the rest of the "compliance" parts, I'd more than double what I have in the gun to begin with. Thank you ATF. :mad:

November 23, 2005, 09:09 PM
that doesn't sound right, not only is 10 rnd the standard minimum, but having to replace a fixed mag with a detachable one? I'm not sure about Kalifornia, but isn't a fixed ten round mag preferred by everyone else?

November 23, 2005, 10:08 PM
On Tapco's site, there is a list of parts that "count" to the ATF as "imported parts" and therefore illegal to assemble an SKS with since the 1989 ban on their importation. This ban has nothing to do with the "assault weapons" ban that lately died. The ATF considers changing the stock on what is considered a C&R gun, "assembling" a gun. The gun, if altered this way, loses it's C&R status and must "comply" with the rule regarding how many imported parts on the "count" list the gun can have or be "assembled" with. I hope I'm not confusing you (I sure am, though). The current crop of Yugo SKS's coming in with bayonets and NATO grenade launchers are considered C&R as long as they are in that form(believe it or not). Same with my 53r. As long as its in it's original configuration (with the bayonet and nasty wood), it's C&R and O.K. with the ATF. This makes no sense to me as I just want to lighten it up more like a "sporter" configuration. I'm not trying to make it more of a military weapon. No bayonet, fixed mag...you get the picture. To complicate things further, any SKS that came in BEFORE the 1989 ban is exempt from all ATF oversight! You can turn it into anything you like and be legal. Who enforces all this stuff? Who dreamed all this stuff up? Interesting that this stuff can be made and sold to anyone who orders it, though. I wonder how many people bother with all this "compliance" nonsense and just do what they want? Judging from what I see at the auction sites, quite a few. What I don't understand is, is all this extra "rigamarole" because the T-6 stock has a pistol grip? I don't see all the "compliance" stuff orbiting the ads for Monte Carlo stocks, or that nasty "Dragunov" abortion. Hmmmmm, I'll keep digging.