View Full Version : Inland M1 Carbine questions

May 2, 2005, 08:30 PM
Found an Inland M1 Carbine, converted to Korean era sights, but has WWII style safety, original stock which has a repaired area, low serial #, and bayonet lug. It has been rebarreled, barrel looks fairly new, and has been reblued, any import markings removed. Shop is asking $425 for it, does this sound reasonable?



Drunk Fat Man
May 2, 2005, 09:15 PM
i am no expert, but I bought an Inland about 4 months ago for $460 at a local gun shows. I dont much about the Korean parts, but most of the Carbines i see go for $400 to $600 with the occassional one for $800. If you want you could check out http://www.gunsamerica.com

May 2, 2005, 09:26 PM
I think so if all pieces look original milspec (regardless of generation) and not pieced together cheaper commercial parts, and especially if it is a well done and "authentic" reblue: kind of a very dark metal grey (preferably not a black blue or painted look) and ideally not parkerized finish, and appears to be good-functioning with nothing goofy. Like mismatched numbers on an otherwise classic Vette, the mismatched safety and sights - and repaired stock - sorta gives you a cheaper entry price to something fun (and sorta original) as well as "permission" to mess with it - even restock it and shoot it, not just a wall hanger "collectible."
My idea or objective at that point would be to try to create an original "looking and functioning" WWII or Korean era M-1, regardless of whether truly original all the way through (i.e., matching #s/parts) - and like the hypothetical Vette, not trying to fool anyone (seriously, meaning trying to pass it off as all original if you sell it) - and then enjoy it!

A friend of mine did the "unthinkable" (but hey, what the hell - life is short) and reblued, fine sanded and oiled/stained an all original Rockola (I think) that wasn't in bad shape...you wouldn't normally "touch" other than maybe a thorough cleaning, re-oiling all around and check of the gas piston, etc. (if you were going to shoot it)...but would truly warrant those other/more extensive refinishing improvements if, say a nice old fave but not rare hunting rifle. But he doesn't intend to sell it and the blue job and mild stock refinish was so good it truly looks the part of pretty darn close to the day it came out of cosmoline...and he really enjoys it now--the most important thing. There comes a time (for some people) that just keeping something looking old for old sake- even if theoretically that keeps the value higher - just doesn't cut it!

And re Drunk Fat Man's post, where I am they're all going up and well over $500-600. Especially the 100% originals with no serious problems. DFM, if yours is all-original Inland in good shape you got a deal! Congrats!