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Te Anau
November 12, 2004, 11:34 AM
Lately ive been thinking about getting a Cetme,as they have no doubt come down in price about as far as I think theyll go.Im still a little wary of them since ive seen good and bad ones the last several years.If you get one of the good ones,theyre great fun to shoot.If you get one of the bad ones,theyre a pain in the A** and not worth owning.Anyways,yesterday I called a well known central Florida gun shop (which will remain nameless) and had this conversation.
Me--Hi,can you help me I want to know if you have any synthetic stock Cetmes in the store.
1st guys response--What kind of gun? ( i repeat synthetic stock Cetme).He says "i dont what your talking about let me get you someone else".
2nd guys response--can I help you and I repeat the above request.He says "what?"."What kind of a gun is that".What caliber is it?
Me--I explain to him what it is and what wholesalers sell it and he tells me "yah we got one of those in black".
This is a gun store im calling!!!!
Its not like im asking a woman in the fabric department at JoAnns!!!
How does this stuff happen??? Where do these people come from???

November 12, 2004, 12:18 PM
this is pretty common around here, too....When it comes to military (and miltary style) rifles/guns they are either very knowledgable or know nothing...Depends on gun shop and person you talk too. You'd think they know more about what they stock, but many emphasis "sporting" guns, and aren't very knowledgable with military stuff. Some around here don't even carry anything "military" except for the odd trade in (usually butchered). If you want a real laugh, call a few places and ask if the have any Lee Enfield #1 Mark III* 's in stock...Often the best you can get when asking about old battle rifles is "Mauser? Yeah, I think we got a couple here."..."What kind?...err...um...old ones!"