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February 23, 2000, 04:44 PM
I am thinking about purchasing a Romanian SAR-1 Rifle for about $330. Is this a good buy?

As I understand (from AK47net), the SAR-1 was made in Romania and has six US-made parts (including a pistol grip), which allows legal use of any high cap magazines.

Is $330 a decent price? Does anyone have any experience with the reliability and accuracy of this weapon (especially in comparison to other AK-type rifles)?

Lastly, would anyone care to make any other recommendations for an AK-type rifle?



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February 23, 2000, 05:31 PM
I had a couple of Romak1's (7.62x39) a little while ago. They were pretty nice, in my opinion. The magazine catch isn't as big and easy to manipulate as my Chinese AK. There are no threads under the muzzle cap.

The Romanians used a single hook trigger, like the full auto AK. This might cause your rifle to burst fire at times, though it's hard to duplicate. The trigger is most likely one of the parts replaced with US versions, so you may not have this trouble.

$330 sounds like a good price to me.

February 23, 2000, 05:41 PM
From everything I have found out about the SAR-1's, they are well made. I am also in the process of buying an AK. I opted to go with the Hungarian SA-2000m. I can live with the 10 round mag restriction. Having kids and stuff I decided to go with the cheaper of the two. You would be making a good choice.

Oleg Volk
February 23, 2000, 09:54 PM
I shot both recently. SA2000 wins in fit, finish and accuracy. I do not care for the magazines solely because they are not as common as 30-rounders. However, the mags are of very high quality as is the rest of the rifle.

SAR1 is less nicely finished (though better than a Maadi) and less accurate...but it took proper magazines.

February 24, 2000, 12:16 AM
I would go for a MAK 90. US parts and workmanship seem too "iffy" on US AKs. I've seen them for $400 to $430 (in .223 too).

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February 24, 2000, 02:25 AM
I have two SAR-1s and like them. $330 is a very good price if it is a new rifle (I paid $320 dealer cost, plus shipping, FFL fee, etc.). The wood usually doesn't match and is poorly fitted, and there are some scratches on the metal finish, but overall, they are well-made, functional, and "look right" for an AK clone. See one first so you'll know what you are getting. They look like the Egyptian Maadi rifles, but with a better metal finish (not black paint) and with the scope mount installed. Also, the Maadi requires you to use US magazine followers and floorplates for legality. The SAR-1 claims to have enough U.S. parts to be legal with imported magazines (so you can even use drums legally).

The sights are commonly off a little, and adjusting for windage is a pain. If you can choose among several, try to pick one with a straigh front sight (sometimes the posts are not exactly vertical). I plan to get windage adjustable rear sights for mine (about $20). You can also get Russian red-dot sights (like the Holosight) that fit the built-in mount. I've read lots of favorable comments about these and will probably get one (Kobra sights - about $150).


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February 24, 2000, 04:15 AM
I love my SAR-1...took it to the range to sight it in.It is a fun gun to shoot.Fit and finish leaves something to be desired...but it flat out shoots...I had no problems whatsoever. Check out AK-47.net to meet folks who love Mr.Kalishnikovs gem of a battle rifle. :)

February 24, 2000, 10:49 AM
Hmmm. I am intrigued by the Hungarian SA2000.

Where can one buy this and how much does it cost?


PS. Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like the SAR-1 is a good deal.

For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence. Sun Tzu

February 24, 2000, 01:35 PM
I am getting my SA-2000M soon I hope, hasn't come into my dealer yet. It will be running me $219 + tax. Yes in its factory configuration it is limited to 10 round mags. ZButh this can be modified by adding a 3 piece U.S. made trigger group and then doing some modifications to the mag well to accept regular AK mags. From Everythin I have heard about this rifle it is supposed to be one of the finest stamped reciever AK clones out there. As soon as I get it I will give you a complete run down on how it performs.

Oleg Volk
February 24, 2000, 01:51 PM
I second the accolades accorded to the 10-rounder from Hungary (make sure to stock up on magazines...and I recommend a peep sight). They run $325+ here (with synthetic stock and a muzzle break, not sure for what purpose)...at $220 they sound like a dandy buy.

February 24, 2000, 04:23 PM
The SA2000 is a good deal. They are very well made and nicely finished (for an AK) and can be easily (so I am told) modified with a Dremel to accept hi cap mags.

The Romanian rifles I have handled seem to be of decent quality. The rail style scope mount is a great bonus on these rifles.

February 26, 2000, 05:48 AM
Well I just picked up my SA-2000 yesterday afternoon. It has excellent fit and finish. Take down and reassmbly is a breeze with these rifles. This is my first AK so I am new to to how they operate and so forth. Now all I have to do is get out and shoot it.

March 1, 2000, 12:03 PM
Can someone kindly tell me where I can purchase a Hungarian SA-2000 at a decent price? Thanks.


For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence. Sun Tzu

March 1, 2000, 05:29 PM
You can check on AK-47.net, they can point in the direction of a distributor. If you are from SouthEast PA let me know, my dealer has a few more left I think. Friday I will be out to shoot it finally.

Jeff Thomas
March 2, 2000, 12:02 AM
The advice to look them over closely is a very good tip - even though I've read a lot of positive comments about the SAR-1's, the rifles I saw at the gun show last weekend were really quite poor. There seems to be enough variety that you can even find some Maadi's that actually look better than some individual examples of SAR-1's.

If you really want a 'treat', look over the Maadi's and SAR-1's, and then stroll down to where someone has a pre-ban Chinese AK (say, Poly Tech or Norinco). That comparison is a bit depressing, and really opened my inexperienced eyes on this issue.

AK's are pretty confusing, from what I've seen, due to their tremendous variety. But, again, I'm pretty new to these rifles.

Besides pre-ban AK's, which have really gotten up there in price, I've also heard great things about the Bulgarian SLR-95's - but, you're still talking $600, vs. a bit over $300 for the Romanians ...

Read up at AK-47.net - lots of info.

Good luck.

Regards from AZ

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