View Full Version : Winchester Laredo impressions

February 17, 2000, 06:59 AM
I saw a Winchester Laredo in 7mag. for sale at a local gunshop the other day and can't get it out of my head. It is used but doesn't look lie it has been shot much. It is in immaculate condition. It has a POS BSA scope on it but that can be easily remidied. They are asking $500 for it.
Anyone have any experience with this rifle? I've never shot one.

February 18, 2000, 08:22 PM
Dealer cost on a Laredo is $500. If the gun is as nice as you say, the price is right!
I don't have a Laredo, but I have many model 70's(one in 7mm mag) I LOVE THEM ALL!!! If you like the 7mm. mag. and want a long range hunter, the Laredo should do the trick!