View Full Version : Vektor Pump Rifle?

February 16, 2000, 07:09 PM
During the gunzine publicity around the Vektor 9mm pistol, they mentioned their pump carbine in .223. I've not found anything on their website. Has anyone seen the beast, or know of a link w/photos or specs? Thanks

Jake 98c/11b
February 16, 2000, 09:28 PM
Saw one at the SHOT show, looks a bit like a Galil on the bottom and a,... well, I don't know how to describe the top half. The slide encompasses the barrel and there are no iron sights on the one I saw. I thought it was a bit long and heavy. Since the slide wraps arround the barrel it will probably adversely effect the accuracy but as it is supposed to be a politically correct carbine and not a precision rifle it won't matter. I thought the piece was overly large, heavy and overpriced. The factory rep, Cynthia I believe, was very attractive and quite knowledgable so I was encouraged to check it out. Overall I would say their pistols are ok but I would probably pass on the rifle, I did think they built a better version of the 92 than Beretta.

February 17, 2000, 10:36 AM
Don't know about the Vektor but DPMS has a pump-action AR. Www.dpmsinc.com (http://Www.dpmsinc.com)