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February 5, 2000, 01:39 AM
I finally tracked down a Rem. 700 PSS and went to look at it yesterday. At first it looked nice, until I held it. The bore was filthy, so I couldn't tell if the rifling was scratched or not. It didn't really matter because the muzzle crown was scratched. The dealer told me he only fired around 60 rounds through it, but it was too hard to believe. Even the stock was cracked near the reciever. I'm no expert, but wouldn't it take a nasty fall to crack a synthetic stock? Does anyone know if the barrel is supposed to be free floated? The barrel wasn't touching the sides of the stock, but where it left the stock, the bottom of the barrel was resting on the stock.

My winchesters never gave me a problem, I just thought I would try something new. Until I can afford a custom gun, i'll be sticking with winchester.

By the way, ford or chevy? Chevy all the way!

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Al Thompson
February 5, 2000, 07:58 AM
Sounds like you found a junker. Not sure on the freefloating barrel, but the half dozen or so PSS's I've shot have all shot well. Had a couple that shot very well and one that needed major load developement. (then it shot quite nicely)


February 5, 2000, 09:13 AM
Could the dealer explain the cracked stock? Maybe the dealer only fired 60 rds. and someone else fired 2000. How much is he asking? For a rifle in the condition you described it better be dirt cheap. Might be able to make a project out of it. New stock and such. Have a smith recrown it. Ask the dealer if you can drop a patch through the barrel. If the barrel is resting on the stock then it's not floated, but if a new stock is needed then it could be floated.

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February 5, 2000, 09:17 AM
Sounds like those 60rnds were really tough ones on the rifle!! Polishing out the muzzle crown issue is not a major chore if not severe. 'Smith or you can do that fairly quickly. As for the stock being cracked, if it is the original PSS stock, it has a full length Al. bedding block system from near end of forearm and back through the pistol grip area and indeed it would take a sizeable load to crack that area. If the actual bedding block system is not broken, the glass portion is easy enough to repair. Doubt that you want to go through all of that though, but if you did, then the price of the rifle would have to be reduced considerably for your expense and aggrevation of repairs.

February 6, 2000, 03:37 PM
Remington/Winchester Ford/Chevy It really wouldn't matter if it were to fall into the hands of the ahole who buggered up that PSS!
Sounds like the type who could screw up an anvil with a rubber hammer.

February 6, 2000, 05:39 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. Loodk at that, I guess i'm poet and don't know it. The asking price was $650. He told me that he was the only one to own and shoot it. I forgot to put in my last post that when I lifted the barrel from where it was touching the stock, it sounded like something moved inside. Does anyone know what that could have been? I'm going to the eastern sportsman show in harrisburg next weekend, maybe i'll get lucky and find one there. Take care guys.



February 6, 2000, 06:46 PM
Why is it so hard to get a 700 PSS? Can't you just order one from Remington through an FFL dealer?

Besides, the PSS is the same rifle as the VS other than different stocks. You could buy a VS and buy the the PSS stock from Brownells.

Long Path
February 7, 2000, 09:44 AM
Pass it up. Your first indication was that the guy doesn't even clean his rifle. Second indication is that he doesn't know how (scratched crown). You don't know how good (or bad) the bore really is. You do know, however, that he's managed to break a really tough stock. I might offer him $250, and walk away with or without it.

February 7, 2000, 07:27 PM
Run fast and far from that crummy deal! I bought a NIB Rem PSS with a detachable magazine last year for $595. I topped it off with a Leupold 4.5x14x40 mil-dot and it sure shoots sweet. I don't know where you live, but there is a dealer in Ventura CA called H&S Catalogue Sales (Harry) who can probably set you up for about what I paid. Call him at (805) 643-1433.

Good Luck

February 7, 2000, 09:21 PM
I jsut bought a 700 pss in 308 new from Cheaper than Dirt. It was $690. They had 2 in stock last week. CTD has some good prices on firearms, (except for black rifles), everything else makes them their profit. The guys at the store are very good to deal with.
The 700 pss has a free floated barrel, and aluminum bedding block the whole stock. I haven't shot mine yet (waiting on a b+l 4200 6X24) to dress her up). I will be getting a trigger job on the factory trigger before I shoot her, and will report on her accuracy. Also, I ordered custom ammo from hawks view for it, and I'll let you know how that goes too.
The pss seems like a great rifle, hope it is.

February 7, 2000, 11:16 PM
Skoalman, why would you get a trigger job on a Remington PSS. They have excellent triggers and are fully adjustable. I have a Rem700VS and it has the best trigger I've ever seen on a stock rifle - I never needed to adjust it, and I like a very light trigger with no creep, that breaks like glass. Like somebody said the VS and the PSS is the same gun but w/a different stock. If you don't know how to adjust your trigger, go to snipercountry.com and theres a good article on adjusting the Remington trigger. You sure don't need to take it somewhere to get a trigger job performed on it. Check out the article and see what you think. :)

February 8, 2000, 12:50 AM
i have a 308 Rem 700 VS -- shooting it with Sierra 168HPBT Match, 42.2 gr of Varget and CCI benchrest -- only thing i did to it was shorten the barrell to 22" and adjusted trigger to 2.5lb -- mounted with Leo Vari X II 3-9 mil dots and harris bipod --- shoots no bigger than half inch groups 5-shot s at 100 yards consistent (when i do my part). Just plain tickled with this gun.

February 8, 2000, 12:42 PM
Slymule, I usually do my own trigger work, (volquartsen drop-in on 10/22, and a jp enterprises on my ar-15) I would rather let Doc in Dallas work on my newest. I want it to be perfect, and he will just do the adjustment on the factory. He is also mounting my scope, and I don't know if I need my bolt lapped (what the hell is that anyway) or my stock pillar bedded (ditto) on that. I just want a tack driver with a 2.5 lb let off.
Please feel free to submit opinions, I'd like any and all advise on the matter.

Thanks, Skoalman