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El Rojo
February 4, 2000, 01:12 AM
I am getting ready to compete in the CRPA service rifle shoot. Does anyone know what
the course of fire is? I was told the targets are 6'x6' and you shoot standing, kneeling,
and prone from 200, 300, and 600 meters. Anyone who has the specifics on how these
courses usually go I would appreciate the info. Good shooting.

Get Some!

February 4, 2000, 05:38 AM
Try http://www.arizona.rifleshooting.com/ It's got course descriptions, tips for beginners, and links to other sites.

Unkel Gilbey
February 4, 2000, 11:55 AM
If this course of fire is anything like the National Match course, then the course of fire will be as follows...

The match is fired on a "Decimal target" meaning that the max value for a shot is 10 points with the center "X" being used for tie breakers. The minimum score on the target is a 5 and outside that is a miss. The target frame is 6' x 6', the target's themselves are 'bullseyes' which are sized for the different distances. I can't remember exactly what the minute size is (how many minutes of angle the black is wide) but the 200 bull is 12 inches wide. The distances used are 200, 300, and 600 yards.

200 yard Slowfire. 20 rounds, single shot, off hand with two initial sighters. Typical time to fire this is 15-18 minutes with a max time of 20 minutes. Each shot is scored with a spotter to show point of impact, and a scoring spotter to show the value of the shot. An "X" is a spotter in the lower left hand corner, with the other values going around in a counter clockwise manner. ie: "10" is dead center on the bottom, etc.

200 yard Rapid fire. Standing to sitting in 60 seconds. Same target as the 200 slow fire. 10 rounds with a magazine change. The second mag has to come out of a pouch. Typical loading is 2 rounds in the first mag, and 8 in the second. This (I'm told) is a hold over from when M1 Garands ruled the course. Of course, if you are using a bolt gun, it has to be 5 and 5. You will shoot 2 strings of 10 rounds. There is an opportunity to fire some sighters (2) before the rapid fire strings to get the proper windage.

300 Rapid fire. New Target, slightly bigger black than the 200 bull. 10 rounds, standing to prone in a time limit of 70 seconds with a magazine change. 2 strings of 10 rounds for a total of 20 rounds. There is an opportunity to fire two sighters before the strings to get the right windage dope.

MOve all your stuff back to the 600 for the 600 Slowfire match. 20 rounds in a time limit of 20 minutes with two sighters. New target again, and the same scoring method is used as in the 200 Slow fire.

I forgot to mention the method of scoring used during the "Raps" After the targets are pulled back into the pits, the shot holes are counted (very important!) then spotted, and the score is written on a small black board and hung on the target frame to give the actual breakdown of the string. "5-X's, 4-10's, and 1-M" This way, if there is a tight group where all the shots cannot be distinguished from one another, you can at least know the values of the hits.

Total rounds needed to fire... 88. Total time to fire? Depends on how many competitors, and whether or not you have paid Butt Pullers (Target pullers!) If there are more than 50 shooters - then the better part of the day, starting at first light - will be used.

It's recommended that you have some means of conveying your gear back and forth between the lines, a 20 power spotting scope for scoring and gauging the wind, and a scoring and plotting book. This last item is really important because it will give you your sight settings for each yard line, light conditions, wind conditions, temp's, etc, etc, etc!!!

This is a highly addictive sport that you are embarking on, you will probably be daunted by your first experience, after all, 600 yards is a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG way to be shooting with iron sights! But once you get the hang of it, and start to advance through the ranks, you will find that the Rifle shooters are a really good family, who will bend over backwards to help you out when you need it. I Love it, and shoot at it when ever I have a chance. There is no better feeling then putting your first sighter at the 600 dead center in the X ring - and all because you knew the weapons dope, and got a good read on the wind. Good luck!

Unkel Gilbey - frustrated NRA High Power Expert!