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January 24, 2000, 07:36 PM
I want to target shoot occasionally small-game hunt. The target shooting would be informal -- no comps. Kimber sure does make a good looking rifle!!


January 24, 2000, 11:19 PM
Buying a Kimber right now is a problem.
The old Kimber of Oregon and America, based in Oregon, that made the justly famous Kimber 82's and 82C's, ceased production of those rifles around 1998, so if you want the famous old Kimber you must get one used. For casual target shooting and occasional hunting, any of the Classics, Cascades or Super Americas should do just fine. The Super America has a prettier stock, a black fore tip and much fuller checkering and that is what I would get, but they are all the same gun in different stocks. There are a lot of little variations or options in these Kimbers, but they are all good.
The new Kimber company moved to New York, has all or almost all new people and has been devoting itself to 45 Auto Pistol production.
Around March of 1999, I heard that these new Kimber people were going to make a new Kimber 22 rifle. The new rifle would be based on Mauser Obendorf 22 designs from the late 30's and would have a controled round claw extractor, a center fire and offset bolt and a Win. Model 70 type safty, an entirelly new design that would be styled to look like the old Kimber 22's.
I have two Kimbers (22 LR & 22 Hornet) and just love them, so I ordered a new Super America in April of 1999. It was supposed to come in May of 1999, but to make a long story short, it is not here even today (Jan 2000).
Early this month, my dealer made one of his periodic checks to his Kimber rep. and was told that Kimber had finally made 100 of these new rifles in Classic and HSV models, but as of yet, no Super Americas, and that these 100 rifles would probably go to fill back orders. Still no word on when Super Americas might be made.
I always did consider ordering one of these new Kimbers a huge gamble. Who knows if these new people can make a newly designed rifle as good as the old?
If mine ever comes, I will let you all know what I think of it. I am hoping for the best.

January 26, 2000, 06:45 PM
Call The Outdoorsman at 717.222.3390, speak to Tom if you can. He probably has what you're looking for.

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