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The Rock
January 23, 2000, 03:23 AM
Okay this is gonna be a bit long.

I want a (or 3..) pistol caliber AR. I know that if I get a stripped lower that has never been built, I can build a Pistol AR in .223, as long as it has no stock, flash hider, or forend. How would I get a upper in .45? 9mm? 10mm? How do I get mags? Can I make a rifle in these calibers? Does anybody have some ideas/hints/helps/sources?

The Rock

January 23, 2000, 03:41 AM
all you have to do is change the upper.

for a pistol, you either need a to h ave the buffer tube, or get an upper that has a different method of cycling the bolt.

for pistol cal rifles, just get pistol cal. uppers and modified mags

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January 23, 2000, 10:35 AM
just make sure the lower is a registered pistol lower...

on a new gun there is a max weight

check out olympics pistols for ideas

they did a massive drill out to make weight
some people load via a stripper clip into a fixed mag


January 23, 2000, 01:18 PM
As DZ states, it has to be a registered pistol lower, which are hard to come by and expensive.
You might consider the Carbon 15 pistol made by Professional Ordnance.
www.carbon-15.com (http://www.carbon-15.com)

January 23, 2000, 01:56 PM
Though in order to build a pistol caliber RIFLE (16"+ in accordance w/post 94 law), who makes uppers & mag well adapters.

January 23, 2000, 02:01 PM
Rock, do you want a pistol caliber AR rifle or an AR pistol in any caliber?

For a pistol caliber AR rifle, you don't have to do anything other than find the parts.

The Rock
January 23, 2000, 02:44 PM
Both! If I need a preban pistol receiver to build a pistol cal AR pistol, then that scraps that idea..If that's true, how does PO get away with making there postban Pistol AR? I've seen one, but bought the carbine version instead.

I was hoping for a AR pistol in a handgun caliber (.45ACP, 10mm, 9mm), but if that's gonna be $$$$ because of the need for a preban, then I'll do a few carbines instead. I'm gonna need to get a SGN and look for some parts/kits.

Any web sources that you guys know of?


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January 23, 2000, 03:20 PM
the PO unit makes the grade because of it's weight.

NAITs got the 45 cal but i think its a leo only limited production deal

hesse does a bunch of pistol uppers
Olympic has some

wanna see a nift leo AR? http://www.leitner-wise.com/lw782sx24.html

it's along the same idea as the FN 5.7

pointability is not that good in an AR pistol


Gale McMillan
January 23, 2000, 06:26 PM
Call NAIT in SanDiago. They make 45 cal. AR15s their phone is 619-293-7111 Ken Jamison

January 24, 2000, 03:02 PM

The La France M16K-45 Semi-Auto is manufactured exclusively in limited quantity for North American Integrated
Technologies. This M16 based weapon is engineered to fire the .45 ACP round, utilizing Thompson SMG magazines. Hand
built and hand-assembled to assure accuracy and absolute reliability, the NAIT M16K-45 Semi-Auto uses a unique bolt and
buffer system which reduces the felt recoil and internal stresses on the mechanism. The combination of built-in muzzle brake,
heavy tubular steel hand guard, and balanced center of operation permits fire with no muzzle climb. Accuracy is guaranteed at 1
MOA at 100 yards.

Key Features

Production Limited to 100 units per Year
Guaranteed for Life
Hand-Built and Hand-Assembled by LaFrance Specialties
Fires any Factory .45 ACP Roun
Zero Muzzle Climb

bunch of pistol caliber doods here: http://forums.ar15.com/cgi/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&number=22&SUBMIT=Go

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January 24, 2000, 03:06 PM
check out olys page for ideas: http://www.olyarms.com/tretail.html

January 24, 2000, 05:31 PM
To make a Rifle, you do not need a pre-ban lower. just make sure that you do not put too many "evil" features on it. also, be ready to shell out like 550 for an upper in a pistol cal.

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January 24, 2000, 05:38 PM
Hey Rock,

After reading some of the posts here, I think there may be some confusion as to what you really want. If you are looking to build a pistol AR (a weapon that does not fire from the shoulder), then you need a lower registered as an pistol.

What I think you are really looking for is a rifle/carbine (shoulder fired) that fires pistol ammunition. Something like the Colt 9mm Carbine (I can't remember the model# at this time) perhaps. If this is the case, then your rifle lower can be used to make a pistol caliber rifle. Of course you would have to have a 16" min bbl length (unless you are one of the lucky few to have a NFA firearm). If I ever get the parts to complete my AR, I will eventually get a 22LR dedicated upper to use at indoor ranges.

Check out the pistol and rimfire section of the AR15.com discussion forums for some advice/info.
http://forums.ar15.com/cgi/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=Rimfire+a nd+Pistol+Calibers&number=22 (http://forums.ar15.com/cgi/forumdisplay.cgi?action=topics&forum=Rimfire+and+Pistol+Calibers&number=22)

The Rock
January 25, 2000, 09:43 PM
Thanks. Now I know where to start.


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