View Full Version : Bushmaster shorty vs. dissipator

N.Y.G MP Pvt
January 16, 2000, 08:25 AM
I have a BM shorty . I am considering ordering a dissipator barrel assembly for it. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to the dissipator setup?

January 16, 2000, 10:00 AM
As a friend pointed out to me before I puchased a dissapator, if you use a tactical sling and you have it slung at your side you're less prone to get burned on the leg with the full length hangaurd. Concerning the front site, there are conflicting opinions whether or not it actually aids in more accuracy.(also, gas system is still that of a shorty)Otherwise, it all depends on what you like. It's really just a shorty w/the front site hacked and a new one mounted further down the barrel with a full length handgaurd. It seems that a lot of people think that it looks ugly...that's just one more reason to get one!

January 16, 2000, 12:38 PM
I'd suggest that you contact Bushmaster for their rationale, after all, they're the ones trying to sell the concept.

I've only seen one specialized use for such an arrangement, and that being as a cover for an integral barrel silencer.

The dissipator sight radius is a little longer than that of the shorty top-end assembly, but a little investment in optics will do even better while retaining the versatility of compact size.

IMHO the dissapator concept seems to be the perfect answer in search of a question...

January 16, 2000, 01:02 PM
We had this debate a little while ago if you do a search, there where a lot of responses.

I own a Dissipator, and I have shot shorties quite a bit. It is really a question of personal preference. The Diss has a longer sight radius, I think that it helps me to shoot better, if you have optics then it is a moot point. I am a big guy, and I like having more of a handguard to grab. It does feel more muzzle heavy than a shorty, but once again that is a matter of personal preference. Some people think it is ugly, I think it looks better than a shorty, just my opinion. (it does get lots of looks at the range) If you are looking to mount a tac light, there seems to be a lot more options availible for the shorty.

It all comes down to opinion, when I decided to buy an AR I went out and looked at every variation that I could get my hands on, and I finally decided on the Dissipator, and it has never dissipointed me. (1 inch groups from a bench rest with hawksview ammo) My friend wound up buying a shorty with A1 sights, because it is what he liked the best, and another friend bought a flattop Armalite because he liked the green stock. They all work equally as well.

N.Y.G MP Pvt
January 16, 2000, 09:14 PM
Thanx for all the info. Actually I took my shorty out for a little plinking today and fell in love all over again. I think what I must do is buy another AR in 20" or so for a little variety. It just seems if I'm gonna spend a couple hundred bucks for barrels assembly I'm better off putting it away for another AR. Thanx again

Sea Bass
January 17, 2000, 12:53 PM
I own a dissipator and brother has a shorty AK variant. I agree w/ Correia about the differences in the two. I actually prefer the diss. . Sight radius does help.