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January 15, 2000, 03:52 PM
Dear Pierre,

I would first like to thank you for sharing that story with me, and the others here who will undoubtedly take the lessons you learned to heart.
It is without a doubt exactly the situation we all dread from ever happening to us or our families.

As far as your analysis of the causes of the accident. I must allow that you know more about powder and its reaction to age and agitation and its brake down.
I agree with its effects on over pressure.

I am not a Re-Loader..so I must agree that it was a very large contributing factor.

I also must agree that a combination of coroded exterior of the cases may have caused it from going completely into battery.
As well as possible fouled or rough Bore.

I would further add that it could possibly also be that the headspace on that rifle was improper causing the failure. Since in my studies I have learned that you can swap/replace the bolt head of various lengths to improve head spacing. Perhaps the wrong bolt head was installed.
( It is also intriguing the Enfield has a rear locking Bolt mechanism not front locking bolt as in other desighns.?)

The first several rounds you fired, may well have damaged the weapon, and or contributed to a case failure....and the subsequent destruction of the bolt and breach....leading to your sons injury.

I am not a gunsmith, and I am only speculating and probably do not know my Rectum from my Elbow..So others may post a more plausible conclusion.

I did return home from work yesterday and inspected 2 off my new Enfields and could not get the hammer to trip the firing pin when not in full battery.
I tried as many ways as I could manipulate the bolt and trigger group, the cocking hammer,spring....and still could not get it to function/fail.

This further leads me to beleive after NOW reading your post that there could have also been a fouled or failed firing pin,bolt assembly or trigger sear on that weapon.

Regardless, I have taken your kind instruction to heart as I am sure others will as well.
I intend to be the ONLY person handling an or firing,cleaning and maintaining the Enfields and the Ammunition for them in my collection.

As I have stated on my earlier posting, there are many more very rewarding and interesting firearm choices that I can offer to my family and my friends to shoot.

Also ,
Please allow at this time for me to say to you Pierre that in my capacity as a certified NRA Range Safety officer.
I will take this lesson you shared with us to the range.
I will inspect every Enfield I see.
And pass this on to other range officers as well.
You may by your thoughtfull posting indeed prevent someone else from becoming injured in the future...."If I have anything to do with it".


PS...I will E-mail you in regards to your generous offer.

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