View Full Version : Looking for Mags for the FNC

Rich Lucibella
February 9, 1999, 05:37 PM
Does anyone have a line on original mags for the FNC?

AR-15 mags fit and feed but do not drop free...can they be used? I have a couple of Thermolds that function...are these dependable enough to bet your life on?

B Kaiser
February 10, 1999, 10:05 AM
I had the chance to use some FNC's about ten years ago. I recall that they were designed to use M-16 mags per Nato specs. That is what I used and did not have any problems.

February 11, 1999, 03:19 PM
AR-15 magazines work fine in my FNC. No idea where to find original FNC mags, but I'd say they'd be too expensive if you did find them...

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Rich Lucibella
February 11, 1999, 05:43 PM
Do they drop free?

February 12, 1999, 02:39 AM

Hey, unfortunately the guy who was big with the FNC parts- is nowhere to be found (Dana Reed, TBMP)- he's not a very honest business man. The only other people who I know of that deal with FNC parts are Cole Distributing (the IMI ammo guys)- from what I understand they do deal with FNC parts. They have a web site, don't know the exact address though- a search engine might be able to find it( If I come across it, I will post it).

February 12, 1999, 10:53 AM