View Full Version : Kids first hunting rifle

Rob Pincus
January 27, 1999, 11:37 AM
A friend of mine has built what I think may be the ultimate kids first hunting rifle. His son is about 8 years old and this past season was his first deer hunting experience. I'd been hearing about this rifle, but just got to see it yesterday.

It is built from a Contender frame with a 16.25 inch barrel. The stock is cut as short as possible making the OAL 26.25 inches. An ACOG sight is forward mounted on the barrel.

The rifle is chambered in .300 whisper. Apparently, .300 Wspr has about the same balistics as 7.62x39 and this rifle has almost no kick. The boy took a doe with it last fall.
Apparently, my friend built an identical barrel/scope set up in .22 WMR that his son uses for practice.

I also found out that he has a great source for .300 Wspr ammo.

I may build something like this for my daughter, though I don't know if she is ready to hunt.... yet.


January 28, 1999, 12:02 AM
Sounds good to me. Most of us started out with whatever Dad used. A fella I work with took his 13 year old on a juvinile hunt last fall. The boy used dad's Browning BAR in .270 to bag a beautiful 14 pointer! Took us three days to get dad back down out of the clouds :)