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December 22, 1998, 10:31 PM
pls. help me with my AN-PVS-4 scope, a friend of mine gave this to me a gift but he lost the manual, i mounted it on my m16,
but i dont know how it function, im afraid i might damage it,if i just use it...
pls. help!!
Thanks a lot!!!


Doc Lisenby
December 23, 1998, 04:43 PM
Don't you have to have the special goggles to see with it? Sorry, I can't help you. Try the snipercountry site if you don't get an answer here soon.

December 23, 1998, 07:19 PM
The Scope is pretty easy to use. Dont be afraid of it. Open up the battery compartment, put in a new battery. Turn the lights down take off the cover. and turn it on. It will take a few seconds to warm up.
Careful with lights. The scope doesn't like them. I burned one scope out while shooting sustained full auto fire into an objective once. It was turned into the quartermaster and he sent it off for repairs, I dont know who much that would cost you.
The aiming rectical is 3 dots in a triangle. Your rounds should hit near the center of those dots. It is not a very acurate scope - due to it's height over the bore.

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December 24, 1998, 03:42 PM
That is a popular scope, several vendors in the U.S. market it Hitek intl., etc. Look in the back of any gun magazine and you should find vendors also do a search on the net. Do not use it outdoors without the pinhole cap! Good luck happy shooting!