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Daren Thompson
December 12, 1998, 03:09 PM
What company is the manufacterer of AR-15 lower recivers that the serial number starts with EA, the rifle has a J-15 on it it also has a E.A.CO. and a KR.SPR.LA. I belive it is Essential Arms that was bought out by DPMS any one know for sure?

Rob Pincus
December 12, 1998, 03:42 PM
Indeed, Essential Arms did manufacture the J-15 Ar-clone reciever.


December 12, 1998, 11:36 PM
It is also correct that DPMS bought them.
How do you like it

Daren Thompson
December 13, 1998, 12:22 AM
I am not sure what U mean by How do I like it. The receiver works for my needs if that is what U mean. I do not believ that it is the highest quality available. it is a light grey color compared to the black of the upper reciever. Or do U mean how do I like it that DPMS bought them out? in that case I am not sure don't know much about either company. I read some information that Essential Arms went out of buisness in 93 so all recievers are pre-ban. I would like more info to verify this. I toyed with the idea of calling DPMS , but was not sure of exactly what it was .

Jeff White
December 13, 1998, 07:46 PM
Back in the days before they made their own, Bushmaster used to sell EA lowers. I have had several and still have one. I successfully used Gun Kote to make it match Bushmaster "V" Match upper. Other people I know have had success with Brownells Bakingg Laquer.

EA receivers were also cast not forged and machined. Both methods are good, but most current manufacturers use forged receivers.

All EA receivers are pre-ban, but, the law says it must have been assembled into a preban configuraion with two or more of the "evil" features prior to enactment of he '94 ban for it to be a grandfathered "assault weapon". If it was just a receiver and never assembled into a preban configuration prior to the ban,it is legally a post ban receiver.

Daren Thompson
December 13, 1998, 10:16 PM
I bought the receiver/rifle complete. I just didn't know much about it. When I bought it several years ago I was ignorant of what a pre and post ban reciever was. I boght it after the 94 ban and at the time I just thought they quite making the AR rifles period. Papers and such do not accompany the rifle. That is why according to all the info I read I should be good. After all if someone was to sell this reciever over the internet how would U know for sure? Probably would not. I just got the idea to have papers after reading about a feller who had a pre lower for sale and had the papers to prove it. That got me thinking not a bad idea. Then I found that EA went out in 93 and I that stopped any doubts I had.

August 28, 2007, 10:04 PM
I just bought an Essential Arms lower. I think its in now the shop said they just got in a big order in and will look tomorrow through it all and get back to me. I cant wait to get started on my build. I sprung the 3 bucks for the black tough coat.

Mach II Sailor
August 29, 2007, 09:13 AM

they are still in business and mfg. a high quality lower.

personally i am getting a billet made lower for my next build.

August 29, 2007, 11:53 AM
Yeah i found them on the net not to long after I think they opend back up. I put my order in last friday. The guy that I talked to at essential arms said they just had some put out on the rack. He told me that they were just now getting caught up due to the rush and thinks there could be another. Im going to do just a flat top upper and 16 inch barrel and have a fun plinker.