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Fred Schwarz
November 9, 1998, 08:07 PM
I'm trying to take apart a Turk Mauser and I have one screw that will not budge. Its the long screw behind the trigger guard that goes up into the receiver. I've tried heating and cooling it to get the expansion and retraction of it to break it loose but to no avail. Someone suggested using a drill press to to hold the screw bit and manually crank it but I don't have access to one. The screw was somewhat stripped to start with but has suffered more damage.

Any ideas? Is this screw replacable? May I have to drill it out?


Art Eatman
November 14, 1998, 12:59 AM
Put a few drops of liquid wrench on the threaded end of the screw, if it's visible.

Check with Mr. Sears/Sawbuck to see if they still sell "Impact Drivers". They used to sell for around $13-$14. This is a cylindrical dealie with a 1/2" drive, for a socket. You hit the other end with a hammer and an internal wedge forces a turning motion. Use a 1/2" to 3/8" adapter, and a 3/8"-drive screwdriver (ground to size).

Good luck!

Ed Brunner
November 14, 1998, 08:10 AM
If you remove the bolt you can see the end of the screw and if it is not malformed then I agree with the prescription for penetrating oil and impact driver.You probably need to be patient and apply the oil a number of times and allow it time to work.

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