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November 7, 1998, 08:36 PM
I've debated for years about getting a Marlin 45 Camp Gun and now am seriously
considering it once again. I'm looking for some info from those of you with any experience
with one. I understand that 1911 mags. work in them, but have heard some comment not
ALL, is there truth to this? Also, one of the reasons I'm considering it is the semiauto, do
they function reliably? I have a 1911A1 so I already have it's companion, mags and ammo.
I already own other Marlins and have had no problem with any of them.
Thanks for any comments! :-)
Plainsman :-)

November 7, 1998, 08:51 PM
OH yeah...I forgot to ask if anyone knows about how much they are going for at the moment? New and used prices that you have seen would be much appreciated!

Plainsman :-)

November 8, 1998, 09:28 PM
I bought one of these shortly after they hit the market. I've experienced no problem with any 1911 magazine that is in good condition, but had problems with one that had bent lips. The recoil is a little snappier than that of my Uzi .45 carbine, but the relative utility far outweighs any minor perceived inconvenience. Don't limit yourself to the usual 7-8 round pistol magazines, but also consider the many excellent after-market 10-rounders.

November 9, 1998, 12:21 AM
Thanks Mykl!

I've got two 10 rounders at the moment and like the capacity and carry one as my spare when concealed! The one I rely on is a Mec-Gar and I picked up a USA Mag cause it was so cheap...I've heard they are no good since then, but mine seems reliable, so far. I won't trust it for self defense at the moment but have used it several times at the range with no malfunctions. Maybe I just got ONE that WORKS! :-)
I'll keep looking for not too expensive Mec-Gars however! :-)
Plainsman :-)

November 9, 1998, 10:56 AM
Just curious, does the McCormick style mag work?

November 9, 1998, 12:55 PM
plainsman, i had one of these little babys for awhile. i really like it. i managed to find some 15 round magazines a a gun show a few years back. i've never had any trouble with it at all, it's taken everything i've fed it. i did crack my stock somehow and need to replace it with something though. by the way, those 15 round magazines look real good in my 1911. :)


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November 12, 1998, 10:13 PM
I don't know as of yet. The mag well on the .45 Camper is recessed for the "toe" of the 1911 mag. The McCormick 10-rd Match Grade, the Ramline 10-rd and the Metalform 10-rd "boot" magazines all have a goodly-sized gob-stopper of plastic stuck on the end. It may not allow the mag retention foot to engage the slot. I hope to find out over Turkey-day leave. Will report back what I find.

I usually find very good bulk deals for used or old GI mags at the gun shows. I bought a box (about 25-30)of them (7-rd blue various mfg)for $50. Thats works out to under 2 bucks each. At that price I can't justify getting too excited about losing one or having one crap out on me. With ball or ball shaped ogive bullets, they feed well unless the lips are obviously damaged. Just checked the Dillon, Brownells & Cheaper Than Dirt catalogs. Prices for MecGar 7-rd, .45acp, blue, are:
Cheaper'ns - $ 8.97
Dillion's - $10.49
Brownells - $14.00


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