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November 9, 1998, 01:04 PM
can anyone tell me anything about these things. i know they don't make them anymore,
but how were they, if a person could find one in good shape about what would it be worth. lately i've had a hankerin' for one. any info will be appreciated. thanks


November 9, 1998, 11:42 PM
I thought about getting a used one if I could too! But those that I found were something else! I hear they were reliable shooters but have a four shot tubular magazine similar to a "shotgun" type. And they were EXPENSIVE! Poor conditioned ones I found were $350 and up and anything that looked decent STARTED at $425 and went up...
I ended up buying a NEW Marlin lever action for less than $300 and it's a 10 SHOT!
Good luck!
Plainsman :-)

November 10, 1998, 01:41 PM
thanks plainsman, i didn't know they were gonna be that proud on them. had a lever action, stupid me got rid of it. looks like i might have to get another one. :)
thanks again!


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November 10, 1998, 11:43 PM

You might want to consider (if you haven't already) an M1 carbine. If that's not enough gun for you, I recall that SOF did a review of one that was in .45 WinMag, believe it was, about 3 years ago. I'm sure one of our merry band could find the company that did (does?) the alterations for you, if you're interested.
If you just want a close-range "Thumper", my local Wal-Mart will order a Marlin .45-70 "Guide Gun" (18" ported barrel) for $399...