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I don't know if I'd quit shopping there, but I sure wouldn't take legal advice from this bozo ... do your homework and make sure he writes up the ticket properly.
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Must have a bunch of double taps in stock...
There's only one...
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Originally Posted by jmr40
Sometimes stuff that is intended as good advice gets dumbed down so far that it can be comical. Advising someone not to fire more shots than necessary is probably good advice. Somewhere along the way the message got really skewed.

The gun store salesperson doesn't understand that "no more shots than necessary to neutralize the threat" does not always mean "no more than 2".
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Thank you all for every one of your responses. I sure appreciate it!

I sure feel better - because at the time I felt the poor lady did not get appropriate advice. Only wish now that she could have heard all of these responses.
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Where does stuff like that come from?
The same place that says that distance is a determining factor in self defense (e.g., it isn't self defense if the person you shoot is more than X yards away), that you can't legally shoot a bad guy in the back, that you must give some sort of warning, that shooting a person in the head can't be self defense because it shows intent to kill, etc.
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Tom Servo
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I'm on that side of the counter, and I can tell you it runs both ways. Unless the speaker is an instructor or lawyer known for dispensing credible advice on the subject, take it with a dose of skepticism.

"My wife needs a pistol-grip shotgun. She doesn't wanna learn how to shoot, and she doesn't need to. She can just aim this shotgun at the door and shoot at the guy until he falls down! He's on our land, so he deserves it! Then she can drag the body into the house. The cops will never suspect that."

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"My wife needs a pistol-grip shotgun. She doesn't wanna learn how to shoot, and she doesn't need to. She can just aim this shotgun at the door and shoot at the guy until he falls down! He's on our land, so he deserves it! Then she can drag the body into the house. The cops will never suspect that."
Yikes, I'd hate to be the mailman...
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that you can't legally shoot a bad guy in the back,
This gets a little confusing...or maybe more than a little...

Generally shooting someone in the back is not well thought of, to say the least...

However, there are certain specific situations where it is justifiable, legally.

Trouble is, what people hear, and what they will think of when someone says "shot in the back" are NOT the justifiable circumstances. And that includes jury members....
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What amazes me about this 2 shot rule is I haven't heard it before. Maybe he was extrapolating from bidens comment.
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Wow, after hitting up all the LGS's today (looking for that next project ) it doesn't surprise me. I'm not qualified to give legal advice but it seems like someone who actually fears for their life would fire more than 2 controlled shots. I'm of the opinion that in such a situation (armed home intruder for example) that the most reasonable thing to do would be pull the trigger until it goes 'click' then throw the gun at them-regardless of the intruders physical condition.
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Uncle Buck
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The best legal advice I ever got in a gun store was to talk to a lawyer. The best legal advise I ever gave in a gun store was to talk to a lawyer.

But then I wonder how many would talk to a lawyer that dealt primarily in contract law? Our family has a lawyer who deals primarily in wills, legal documents and probate. He is really good at providing references for lawyers that deal in the subject matter you want info on, and may even give you a very general breakdown of the subject outside of his expertise.

It is hard not to giggle and snort when you hear the non-lawyers giving legal advice, but I always try to catch the person they gave the advice to afterwards and tell them "I do not think he is correct on that, you should contact a lawyer and make sure you get the right answer."

I am surprised by the number of people who actually say "Yeah, that did not sound right to me either."
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Sounds as silly as a line I heard at a gun show once. A guy nearby was going on about how it was illegal to have more than "X" number of rounds of ammo stored in your home. He claimed to know a guy who told someone that he had a couple thousand rounds of ammo, and the cops came and seized it. Several folks nearby called BS on it, but he was adamant about his story.
Like most tall tales there may be some grain of truth.
I think that anyone with many thousands of rounds could be found as a "suspicious" person with the current state of law enforcement in many cities.
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