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WYoming lambasted by New Jersey Paper - Drake

A few days ago, Governor Matt Mead (WY) asked our States Attorney General to draft a brief and ask permission to submit it to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Wyoming and 18 other states and John Drake who is challenging New Jersey's CC law.

Yesterday, the New Jersey Star-Ledger's editorial board wrote the following editorial lashing out at Governor Mead and Wyoming.
In the editorial, the paper claims Wyoming is the source of guns used in crimes in other states. They basically claim that Wyoming, and other states with similar laws, are the cause of gun crime in their state! They tell my Governor to "BUTT OUT"!

And here is the worst part, they use cooked up statistics from Mayors Against Illegal Guns as their reference!

I am beside myself!

Firstly, Governor Mead is concerned with the consequences of any Court decision that may restrict the rights of Wyoming's citizens. Secondly, the Drake case may have implications for the 2nd Amendment rights of people in the whole United States!

Therefore, I say "Cudos, Governor Mead!"
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357 Python
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New York, New Jersey, and D.C. claimed years ago that Virginia was the source of the guns used in crimes there. Then Bloomberg's agents were caught using fake Virginia IDs (manufactured in NY) to purchase guns here. They fakes were so good they even fooled the VSP. Bloomberg's agent clearly broke several Virginia and federal laws but no charges were filed. All New Jersey is trying to do is shift the focus to somewhere else other than them.
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Old February 19, 2014, 06:02 PM   #3
Tom Servo
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All New Jersey is trying to do is shift the focus to somewhere else other than them.
Bloomberg has been using this tactic since 2006 or so. He did the same operation in Georgia, claiming that we were the source of crime guns being used in New York.
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Old February 19, 2014, 06:14 PM   #4
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Earlier, I stated that I was beside myself.

Well, I have just finished reading the nearly 400 comments to the above linked editorial.

It made me feel much better.

It seems that at a nearly 9 to 1 ratio, the readers of the online Star Ledger are supporting Wyoming and the other States.

The anti-gun press of the Star Ledger in New Jersey is getting an earful from their own readers!

Why does the press feel such a strong need to support the anti-gunners of this country?
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The Star Ledger is a North Jersey rag from Newark, a typical inner city with uncontrolled crime and violence. And the people up there just don't get it, so they blame the tools used in those crimes.

Pass my thanks on to your Gov. Mead.
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Old February 19, 2014, 07:23 PM   #6
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Ohio is often accused of being a staw-buyers paradise and we are often cited as the source for guns used in crimes back east.
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44 AMP
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Why does the press feel such a strong need to support the anti-gunners of this country?
Short form:
it's profitable
they are true believers in the cause, and see #1.

Controversy generates interest. Interest generates readers. Readers generate profit. Out side of the true believers its really just that simple.

For those I call true believers, its virtually dogma that guns=bad.
The more cynical of them believe guns (in the hands of anyone they don't own) =bad. Police, military, private security (theirs) are ok with guns, just no one else.

back in the early 80s, when Time magazine was beginning to really beat the drum about the "gun problem" in this country, and long before the assault weapon hysteria began, Time wrote an editorial in which they said (essentially) that while a news magazine should remain impartial, there were some issues that were too big for them to remain impartial, and they were taking a side. Gun ownership was such an issue, and the side they chose was against private gun ownership.

They did say that in print. Once, anyway, I remember reading it. For saying that, being honest (once, anyway, even if they did do it where it was difficult to notice) I respect them. But ONLY for that. Not for ANYTHING else.

Yellow Journalism is still alive and well today. They're more subtle about it than they were in the days when that phrase was coined, and they use a different name today. Today, they call it "responsible reporting"....among other names...
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Most New Jerseyans don’t want to have to worry that the guy they’re fighting with over a parking spot might be packing heat.
The article is oblivious to the fact that one of its arguments in favor of the New Jersey law is based on the unblinking acceptance of brutish and uncivilized behavior.
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The firearm restrictive states in the northeast love to blame others for gun violence in their states instead of facing the real problem - out of control drugs and the gangs who profit from them.

With NJ making it so difficult to buy a gun, of course the guns come from other states. This 2012 report from New Jersey shows that the guns used in crimes in NJ came from all over the USA - 47 states.

Wyoming supplied 0.1% (2 guns out of 2,112 guns used in crime!)

Of course the source of the guns is irrelevant - criminals will always find them, especially gang members who are responsible for so much of the gun violence.

In NJ, the bad guys are armed and the households are alarmed. In VA, the households are armed and the bad guys are alarmed.
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Old February 20, 2014, 04:36 PM   #10
P5 Guy
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Thank goodness they aren't blaming Florida.
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Old February 20, 2014, 05:28 PM   #11
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What About Texas

Texas should be at the top of that list!!!!!

I have always heard about a strong organized crime presence in NJ. I am sure they are profitting nicely with the new restrictions.
“Government does few things well but it does them at great expense” Cal Thomas “When Government Can’t Be Trusted” 6/11/2013
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357 Python
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P5 Guy don't feel left out in the cold sooner or later they will. Just give them time.
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Old February 20, 2014, 08:23 PM   #13
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Thank goodness they aren't blaming Florida
Well, actually they are.
The majority of out-of-state crime guns came from Pennsylvania and five southern states known for their loose requirements for gun purchasing: North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida, which accounted for 1,084 guns. Those states represent tributaries of what law enforcement officials call the "iron pipeline," through which guns flow up Interstate 95 and into New Jersey, New York and other states where buying firearms is more difficult.
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Old February 21, 2014, 11:50 AM   #14
Glenn E. Meyer
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This looks like a job for the Batman (if you want to look at popular media takes).

Batman takes on the Virginia gun lobby: David Usborne visits the state which is the main source of guns used in crime in eastern America

A long time ago - but it made a splash.
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I just posted a comment there, but they are getting BLASTED by pretty much everyone on there, I haven't seen anyone defending NJ.
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