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Cremated ashes in reloaded bullets?

I hope this question isn't too morbid or weird, but someone I loved very much just died. He was an avid shooter, and we had plenty of time to talk before he passed away. He thought it would be awesome if I could put some of his remains into a bullet and shoot him down range. Has anyone ever done this? I don't know if the bullet would even fire, or if it would somehow damage the gun.

I'd have to ask someone to help me, if it was possible, since I don't know how to pack my own ammo. If it's not possible and someone you love was cremated, how did you honor them by doing something firearms related with their remains?

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Spats McGee
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Well, I don't know exactly how you'd go about it, but I suspect that someone does:
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It's probably easier for the human ashes to be loaded into shotgun shells, instead of pellets, rather than putting ashes in bullets. If you can cap off the ashes in a loaded rifle cartridge, rather than using a bullet...go for it.

It might be dangerous to use a rifle cartridge, if you accidently load a real live round and shoot it off, with the rifle pointed skywards. I would go with the shotgun shell method.
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I would mix a SMALL amount of ash with the powder.
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You do not want to load it with the powder behind the projectile unless you know exactly what you are doing. Any substance added with the powder will decrease volume and increase pressure. Not Good~

I agree with the shotgun approach as part of the projectile load and not part of the power load. If you have ever spread ashes, you know there is considerable amount of dust substance. Therefore, I would make sure the wind is blowing from your back. Not a situation where you want dust blowing back in your face. I assume some particles might travel as far as the shotgun wad.
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Hollow point bullets. Ash in the hollow, dab of melted wax over the open end and send him down range.

Edited to add. Sometimes I can be a little blunt and cold. OK, a lot blunt and cold most of the time. Sorry for your loss.
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Yes, it can be done. Spats linked to a relevant company.

Be glad you got the time to talk to him. I hope you're successful in your goal and I hope it brings you some closure. I'm sorry for your loss
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Black Powder

Dont some black powder loads in 45 colt use case fillers, I wonder if the ashes would be a good case filler.

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Another for shotgun shells - it is what I plan on having done to me
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I have seen this done with 12 ga shotshells. Five trapshooters were each given a shell with ashes of their dear deceased shooting buddy. The crowd gathered and removed their caps. The squad took their posts. A few words were said and then on signal they fired him over the trap range. The resulting cloud of ash went a few feet forward upon firing and then drifted slowly to the east for about 50 yards.

It was quite a thing to see and not to be soon forgotten, much like the fellow shooter we lost.
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If you have a 44 magnum rifle it would be easy to do. Fill a hollow point bullet and wax.
If you reload and have a good drill press you could very carefully drill out the center of a soft point jacket bullet and fill it. Then weigh the bullet and load. 44 mag or 45 LC would be easy to do.
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Load-em up in some hollow point cavity's like others have mentioned cover with a little wax anyone can do that......
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I want my ashes loaded as filler into regular shells and have my kids/wife/friends shoot a full round of sporting clays

As big as I am, they should have enough ammo for several folks to shoot a whole round of sporting clays!
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First choice would be shotgun shell.

Second choice would be Speer shot capsule for a 38 / 357 or 44 mag.

Third choice would be something like a Corbon DPX hollow point filled and capped with wax or foil soldered in place. DPX's have a generous cavity but currently would be very hard to get due to excessive demand.

Sorry for you loss.
I'm fairly sure you can find someone knowledgeable in your area who can and would help you with your endeavor.
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chris in va
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Too bad you don't have a Garand. A blank loaded with ashes and a 21 gun (round?) salute would be fitting.
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My Holy Smoke...

Call these guys, they can help:

Why didn't I think of that?? LOL

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That is amazing.... i never would have thought of that....
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I would think the Speer shot capsule for pistols would be the easiest and they are cheap.
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What an interesting, unique, and awesome way to honor the memory of a good friend! I'll bet he must have had a great sense of humor too.

Sorry for your loss. Take comfort in the fact that you were blessed with having a good friend.

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Duke City Six
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On a similar note,

Journalist, author and major firearms enthusiast Hunter S. Thompson had his ashes fired out of a cannon at his memorial service in 2005.

I get a kick out of that.

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I participated in a memorial service for a friend where we fired him off in .45 ACP shells to the tune of "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We had a line of about 20 people who sang along as we fired him off into the berm of a private club we all belonged to.

I did not load the shells so cannot give technical data, but I can say it can be done. The person who did the loading is EXTREMELY experienced and experimented for a few weeks prior to the event. He did say he used .45 due to case volume.

Please note I do not reload so cannot give any more info.

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The OP made it clear that she's looking to do this with a small portion of her loved one's ashes, so posts on how to do it with 5# of ashes, or the consistency of same, are off-topic. Thanks.
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Thanks to all of you for the input, as well as condolences. Vanya is correct... I just wanted to take a VERY small amount of his remains and put it in a bullet. Someone also gave me a wonderful idea... to make a keychain out of a bullet and put the remains in that. That way I can always have him with me.
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A very good friend of mine, who was an avid shooter and rifleman, passed. His son loaded his remains in spent 338 win mag cases. He did not remove the spent primer and sealed the case containing the ashes with a solid crimp to the bullet. He then had each case engraved at the local engraver/jeweler with George's name.

He gave one of these "cartridges" to each of his siblings and a few of his dad's best friends.

I still have mine. George is in his place above my reloading bench and watches over me when I am making ammo.
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Thats a neat idea. I like that.
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