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How much do you all train?

I train for 2.5-3 hours once a week, which includes lots of dry-firing and much less live ammo (about 7-10 dryfire shots per each live shot). How about you?
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Not too much anymore with handguns, but I shoot the crap out of my Beeman R-9 .20cal air rifle.
I can shoot it most days out behind my house. I have many guns but not a lot of opportunity to practice with the loud ones.
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Actual live fire...about 1 hour a month these days.

Dry fire in my home...about 1 hour a week (approx. 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week).
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Before the ammo evaporation I was going every other week (about all I could afford). Now with the ammo shortages, once a month or two. I start w/ 22 semi pistol at about 5 feet using the same hole and if the accuracy is off, I don't go past that. I work on trigger pull (left and right handed). If the accuracy is good, I move the distance out at 5 foot increments until I am at about 20 feet and shoot for good groups. If the aim is still good, I advance up in calibers pending the accuracy (380, 9m, 40 cal). I figure why waste expensive ammo on poor technique. At home, I use a laser and work on the trigger pull using snap caps. Regardless of how I am doing at the range, I also use follow up recoil shot practice in each caliber for usually no more than 5 rounds each just before I finish shooting. I seem to stay consistent on that for some reason even if my steady aim is slightly off.
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The bb guns been seeing a lot of use along with the compound bow my son is a real fine shot now.
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Deaf Smith
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I used to train so much that my speed increased and increased to the point I went back in time. I then found I had to re-train all over again.

Got tired of that so now I just train by not training.

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Deaf Smith - You mustn't get creative with your medications.

When I was a regular match goer, I used to practice something every day.
Dry fire, airguns in the basement, video games, and once a week live fire, either a practice session or match.
But then it became obvious that the alternative ways to practice were so effective that live fire practice wasn't nearly as necessary.
So, instead of weekly live fire, it gradually got less and less.
Now, it's maybe twice weekly dry fire, airguns and video games with very little actual shooting a real gun.
When I do get to a range for live fire, it doesn't take long to get up to speed, and the skills are still there.
Saves a ton of money and time, too.
As a side note, instinctive archery really helps sharpen up the point shooting skills.
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He he that was pretty good Deaf ha ha
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Strafer Gott
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I find the reloading press in my salvation. I'm shooting more than ever!
If you keep looking you find enough supplies to keep rolling. It's a pita to buy primers or bullets two hundred at a time, but it's necessary to promote sharing.
Even with that, I'm getting more trigger time than everat 3-4 hours a week. There is no substitute.
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Maybe 6-8 range sessions a year.
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My range is my front porch. Shoot my glock 22 almost every day. Atleast 20-50 rds mostly reloads. Dry fire about 15-20 minutes every other night. If you guys don't shoot there's no excuse for not dry firing. It's free and helps tremendous. Find a reloader if you're not and a great way to make a new friend and shooting cheap ammo. Buy big bulk, bigger is cheaper.
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I ammo availability isn't an issue for me....

I get to my local range twice, sometimes 3 times a week - 3 or 4 boxes per visit...and work on my tactical drills / and some bulls eye drills.
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I don't exactly train. I shoot. I do it when boredom gets the better of me or when there is a large family get together. sometimes it can be as little as a dozen rounds through as many guns over the course of several hours but it could also just as easily be a couple hundred rounds in as little as 30 minutes.
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That's cool too, sometimes just busting caps just for the Fun! That I think is what got us mainly hooked in the first place. If it wasn't so much fun, I wouldn't still be doing this for 30 something years.
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I never really thought of shooting as training, I really just shoot because I enjoy it. I do practice things here and there like point shooting, rapid fire strings, and shooting from the draw. Normally I got to the range 3-4 times a month, usually the weekends, but as of lately I am lucky to go once a month due to ammo shortage. Although I find dry fire practice can be almost as beneficial as live fire training, and in some cases more beneficial, especially if you are a new shooter and developed a flinch. Dry firing really lets you get a good feel for the trigger and watching your sights while doing so helps you develop good trigger control.
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Originally Posted by ezmiraldo
How much do you all train?
When I first saw this post I wasn't sure what it was all about. A lot of people are responding & their ideas are all different. How do you train for competition, concealed carry, hunting, cowboy shooting, handguns, rifles, ???

The first thing that hit me was that this is a question about practicing for concealed carry. I must say, I don't really practice at all. The fact is that I only carry when I may feel like I may be in an uncomfortable environment. I feel like then, in an extreme situation, I'll have time to get my gun & decide to shoot/don't shoot. Maybe not but it's better that I have a gun than not. On TV I see practices where a guy at an ATM machine is knocked to the ground, draws & double-taps the villain before he can brain him with a baseball bat! That's practice until its instinctual!

As for hunting, I still see where many bolt action hunters take the rifle off there shoulder to chamber the second round. A little practice will fix that.


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Only pack in extreme situations huh? How many have been assaulted or killed in a convenient store, or at their own home what about a Walmart parking lot? Truth is it can and does happen at all these places and they're far from extreme places. If I knew only where these things could happen that's the only place I'd be prepared but the truth is something could happen anywhere. Better train and be prepared and hopefully you'll never be tested.
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Almost every day, in some form or fashion. This usually consists of practicing drawing from CC , for a couple minutes and a small amount of dry fire. At the range, to which I go at least 2 or 3 times a month, I do the same, as well as live fire (of course). In addition, I practice getting on target quickly.... and drawing and firing on multiple targets, as well.
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I don't train that often but I do practice a little, I would guess about 100 rounds a week through different pistols/revolvers.
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How much do you all train?

It used to be about 10 minutes a day dry fire, and about an hour/box of ammo a week at the range, but since November live fire has been cut back to a box of ammo every 2 months or so, 5 rounds here 10 rounds there, and so on. When I do shoot I always run through a drill of some sort.

I'm eagerly awaiting my order of 5k bullets from Precision Delta to be filled from January so I can start shooting handgun more often.

Lately I've taken to working up a few different loads (read experimenting) for my 7mmRM and my .30-30's.
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I feel lucky that the ammo I use - 10mm - has been available throughout this crisis. I get all of it online. Hopefully this craziness ends soon, and we can go back to enjoying shooting/practicing more often.
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serf 'rett
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About twice a month...

... if I can make it to IDPA shoots.

The rest of the time is so much fun that it's a shame to label it as training.
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Deaf Smith
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You train in self defense techniques. IDPA is not training.

IDPA is a test of how well you have trained and to see where you need to train more.

"The government has confiscated all of our rights and is selling them back to us in the form of permits."
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That is a pretty good question.

I shoot a Club Defensive Pistol Match every other month. This month I ran my 2" Snub, 4" S&W 64, 4" S&W 686, and my 1911 Colt, I entry each. Total 200 rounds.

On the off month we shoot Steel with our handguns. Probably 150 rounds.

Three Gun Match every month: Handgun 40, Shotgun 10, Carbine 90
Some times I run it as a Two Gun and do not shoot shotgun.

Over the course of the year no telling how much I shoot other than at matches.

Between my brother and I we go through around a case or a little more of small pistol Primers a year loading mainly 38 Special. That is 2500 rounds of 38 Special each. 2500/12 = 208 rounds a month.

Then we have 45 acp, 40 S&W/10mm, and rimfire. Probably another 200 a month minimum.

I had never really looked at the numbers before. Looks like I would probably run about 240 a month shooting matches, and probably about that amount again just shooting in general. Around 500 a month total.


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Lee Lapin
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In my mind, training has always implied having an instructor present.

Going to the range is practice, not training.

Mindset - Skillset - Toolset. In that order!

Attitude and skill will get you through times of no gear, better than gear will get you through times of no attitude and no skill.
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