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Shot Some Magnum Primers In A Non Magum Load

i know it's been debated back and forth, but went ahead and tried it out.

i talked to a 30 years reloader who initially got me into reloading. he told me with the lighter loads i was shooting i shouldn't have any problems.

i shot about 100 rounds of 38 special out of my s&w 642

148 Grain DEWC over 3.0 grains of hp-38

the only thing different i noticed was a lot of ash/flaking falling out of the brass.
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If you had chrono'd the rounds you may have noticed a larger variation in velocity too but for all practical purposes it doesn't really hurt anything, it just isn't as efficient. To me a magnum primer is only for igniting powder that a standard primer may have difficulty igniting completely, ie ball powder or cold temperatures. I could be wrong, often am but that is what comes off the top of my old dinosaur head.
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It all comes down to the powder as Old Grump has alluded to.... Has NOTHING to do with the cartridge or load. Ie, you DON'T just use a magnum primer because you are loading Magnum loads. It all comes down to the powder you are using. For example, IMR-4227 and H-110/Win 296 require Magnum primers. Unique, W-231, Green Dot do not. Does it hurt? Depends on the powder. For Unique, I've tested WLP, CCI-300, and CCI-350. Slightly different velocities but no biggie... it is primer insensitive. 2400 on the other hand, you get a 100+ fps difference between magnum and regular primer. Using Trail Boss loads, it depends, with one bullet type, my Extreme Spread get cut in half with a magnum primer. Another load, it works better with regular primer -- go figure. A chronograph is 'invaluable' here.

I haven't ran a back to back test with w-231 yet (at least I don't recall it), so can't say anything about it... yet.
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For Unique, I've tested WLP, CCI-300, and CCI-350. Slightly different velocities but no biggie... it is primer insensitive.

this is the information i have been looking for!

i have about 4? lbs of unique i can use when shooting up the rest of these - they are cci's

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