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Old May 1, 2007, 01:26 PM   #1
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Do you take tactics into consideration when buying a new car?

For example:
Would you pick a Mazda Proteget or a Ford Explorer/Expedition?

Would you get a BUG or rebuild a 1955 Ford.

In other words, do you consider getting sturdier vehicles than plastic modern cars that environmental sandelwearers would have you drive?

Sturdier and larger vehicles give you the advantage on the road than other cars. It would be a lot harder for a car to run you off the road. Also, if someone is shooting at you in your car, moving or not, there is a less chance of the bullet penetrating a stronger auto body.

I drive a Ford Explorer because it is higher than the average car and you can thus see more and it is sturdier and more likely to stay in one piece (and consequently keep you in once piece) in a car accident.
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Old May 1, 2007, 01:49 PM   #2
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Those are valid points, but personally, I prefer to give the Arabs as little as my money as possible.... Besides, I find that I can drive defensively better in a sedan with a strong suspension than I ever could in a truck or SUV. True, a larger car might be able to force me off the road, but he'd have to catch me first.
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Old May 1, 2007, 02:04 PM   #3
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>>>I drive a Ford Explorer because it is higher than the average car and you can thus see more and it is sturdier and more likely to stay in one piece (and consequently keep you in once piece) in a car accident.<<<

Too bad that you will probably be upside down in a rollover because of your higher center of gravity and narrow track. just a tounge in check poke, no offense intended.

Size matters but so does handling, there are many vehicles out there that are reasonably fast, nimble, and safe, as well as large enough to not get forced off the road.
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Old May 1, 2007, 02:07 PM   #4
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buy a humvee and be one of those mental americans that the world loves to hate ooooh so much.
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Old May 1, 2007, 02:27 PM   #5
Para Bellum
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Nope. If so, I would only be satisfied with a Steyr Pandur.
In fact the edge is with the faster car and the higher driving skills.

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Old May 1, 2007, 03:15 PM   #6
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I guess motorcycles are out of the question.
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Old May 1, 2007, 03:41 PM   #7
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It's all a matter of priorities and risk. I drive a midsized sedan, because it has a back seat, atrunk big enough for luggage, front wheel drive with fullrange traction control (and it wears snow tires in winter) and enough power to make driving on the highway fun (had a four cyl. hatchback once that couldn't get up hills at 65). BTW, my car isn't a old police model, it's a luxury car I bought from a rental company at a very good price.

I'm not worried at all about being run off of the road or using my car for cover.


I think everyone needs to evaluate their level of risk. I'm more worried about reliability, because I feel I am at greater risk being hit accidently while broken down than of having someone intentionally come after me. For safety purposes, I wear my seat belt, I have air bags, the tires are always in good shape, and the car is generally well maintained.

I don't wear a helmet while driving, even though that could make all the difference in realistic accident. I'd feel stupid doing that. I can do a J-turn, but I'd feel stupid asking a car dealer if he'd let me do one so I can see how the car would perform if I was avoiding a roadblock.

BTW, do you have bucket seats? If you do, your truck isn't very tactical, because you can only get out your own door in a hurry.
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Old May 1, 2007, 03:44 PM   #8
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Not speaking in a Tactical way, but more in the context of two moving vehicles attempting to occupy the same space at the same time. There is an old seldom used theory. He with the most lug nuts wins. I have had some experience in this sort of thing. I drive a 4x4 diesel Excursion. Not the most nimble vehicle on the road but it's not uncommon for Log Trucks to pull over and let me go by. Empty log trucks of course.........
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Any variation on this is a very bad thing.
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Old May 1, 2007, 04:08 PM   #9
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I guess motorcycles are out of the question.
OMGsh! I don't want those anywhere but behind me when I'm on the freeway.

I think anyone who gets on the Houston Freeways on a motorcycle is a fool (probably why HPD doesn't issue motorcycles as vehicles to biker cops). I don't want to be the one to decapitate them when they slide and hit the pavement
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Anybody who takes "tactics" into consideration when buying a car needs to get a life or seek professional help.

Other than folks in the biz of danger.

This thread is a perfect example of how gun owners can throw their political/social advantages away with silliness. Doug you should know better already

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Old May 1, 2007, 04:39 PM   #11
Capt Charlie
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Doug, Doug... Doug. With all these threads, it's a wonder I have any hair left.

What does "The Firing Line" imply? Nope, we're not firing clay pots, and we're not firefighters trying to establish a line.

It means this is a firearms forum!

Tactics and training can veer from that somewhat, but the center focus is still firearms.

In Baghdad, maybe, but the idea that the average American civilian needs to consider tactics when buying a motor vehicle is... well, it's beyond ludicrous, and more than a little paranoid.

This one's wasting bandwidth. Closed.
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