Firearms Owners Unification Project
Advocacy Statement

To Whom it May Concern,

No More Restrictions. Not one more restriction on types of firearms, variants of firearms nor individual firearms. Not one more restriction on a class of ammunition, caliber nor type of bullet. No restrictions on a single accessory, tool nor book related to firearms. No more limits on the types of guns, the number of guns nor the amount of ammunition that I can own. Nor any restrictions on the frequency with which I can add more of the aforementioned to my collection. We will no longer tolerate the slow encroachment upon our right to keep and bear arms. For years the piecemeal banning of items and restricting of our rights has served to divide law abiding gun owners into various factions. These factions have struggled over limited resources and acted only when their particular interests were threatened directly. That time has ended. This space has been purchased by individual gun owners of America: hunters, sport shooters, firearms collectors, police officers and self-defense advocates. If your intention is to take our guns, come take them, all at once.

The time for division has ended. If your goal is to take our guns away, please face us as a group, in the legislative halls and courtrooms of this country. Be open and honest about your intention to deprive American Citizens of a constitutional right, an American Tradition, a recreational activity, our private property and a means of protecting ourselves and our families. We are ready to unite to defend all of those things.


(The Charter Sponsors)
Robert Pincus Rich Lucibella Craig C. Lindsay Byron Quick
Brian C. Miller John Shirley David R. Preston Jeffrey Morgan Andrew T. Miles
John H. Sircy Peggy L. Sircy John P. Sircy II Barclay Rivas Robert Beard
Richard Allen Pierce N. Duncan Bitting John Shirley Mark J. Wagner Micheal J. Muth
Edward Perry Mike Maples Dan Pearce Ron Villanugva James Vollink
Michaell Spight Joel Naspinski Harvey J. Fish Edwin Gravitt Brett Chambers
Daren Thompson Irlene Mandrell Timothy Burke Aaron Redinger Shanan Redinger
Melinda Gierisch Kelly Yates Stewart K. Nakamura Dennis Bateman Oleg Volk
Stephen A. Camp Micheal S. Prichard J. Haddeus Hornbaker Timothy Webster

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