Firearms Owners Unification Project

About this Project

This project was started by a group of gun owners who met at The Firing We felt that it was time to send a clear message to those with an Anti-Gun agenda that the gun owners of America were ready to stand united against them. We are not advocating any action against any group of person, rather we advocate united support of our constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. We do not consider this movement a "Call to Arms" nor do we consider it a empty gesture. It is meant to energize and affirm our beliefs and let those who do not share them know that we will no longer be divided amongst ourselves. As gun owners, we have long been categorized as hunters, collectors, competitors or other groups. As a result of this categorization, our resources and attention have been divided. That division has cost us many battles in the war over the Second Amendment. We want nothing more than to send a clear message to those of an Anti-Gun persuasion:

The time for division has ended. If your goal is to take our guns away, please face us as a group, in the legislative halls and courtrooms of this country. Be open and honest about your intention to deprive American Citizens of a constitutional right, an American Tradition, a recreational activity, our private property and a means of protecting ourselves and our families. We are ready to unite to defend all of those things.

If that message is sent and heard, and especially if it is repeated by grass roots gun owners, our project is a success.

The USA TODAY has already approved our statement for printing in their newspaper.

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