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Old December 28, 2001, 11:04 PM   #1
Ed Dixon
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Amusing stories?

Talked to a WCO at a public range awhile back and he related an incident that somehow came to his attention. A whitetail hunter bagged his best buck ever (12-points, I think). He waited after the shot. Tracked the bloodtrail. Found his trophy. Checked the shot placement. Then he pulled a small camera from his rucksack, set it on a rock and set up his snapshot. He decided to recreate a "pose" he'd seen before and proceeded to fit his rifle across the deer's antlers. After backing up to compose the memorable photo, he turned to find the "dead" buck running off with his best gun. Don't remember if either was ever found. I heard this as a real incident. If it's an urban/wilderness legend that's been going around for years, let me know. Otherwise, any you'd like to pass on?
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just hope its ur 40 dollar mauser u bag em with and not ur customized fully upgraded rifle that costs a few thousand in a situation like that-dont u! lol-that would really be sad-he didnt check for pulse? or anything?-I dont belive the heart can start up by itself-it too bad because the deer wold have eventually died soon after if he made a good enough shot to get a good blood trail to find it soon after-
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Old December 29, 2001, 12:09 AM   #3
Art Eatman
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I've told this one before, so I'll keep it short: Woman shot a buck. Went over and put her tag on it. The buck, only hit glancingly on a horn, jumped up and ran. She ran after it. A hunter in the next pasture saw the buck and shot it. She ran up to him and his buddy, yelling, "That's my deer! You can't have my deer!" He answered, "Hey, lady, what are you talkin' about? I just shot that buck!"

She responded, "I can prove it's my buck! There's my tag on it, right there!"

He looked, and sure enough. "Heck, lady, anybody can run that fast deserves a buck!"

, Art
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Old December 29, 2001, 08:27 AM   #4
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A story from my late grandfather -

Way back when it was common to take a deer for your family's winter sood stuff, but not neccessarily in season, my grandfather, a couple uncles, and a friend or two went hunting in a nearby canyon. Grandfdad's companions pushed the canyon and he waited at the mouth to shoot the emerging venison. He shot the first doe out with his winchester pump .22 lr, and the doe stopped and lay down just up the hill from him.

Being frugal by nature and the family short of funds and ammo, he went up to finish the doe off by cutting her throat. When he reached her, he put the rifle to one side, stradled the doe and grabbed her by the ear in preparation for the cut. The doe, realizing all was not right, stood up and ran down the hill with grandad riding atop - one hand outstreched as far as he could get it to keep his knife away form him. When they reached the bottom the doe collapsed again and he quickly cut her throat and jumped off. When he looked up his entire hunting party was standing there, applauding his ride. They thought the outstretched arm was very cowboyish and teased him to ente a rodeo for years.

Great story, but he also complained as long as I knew him that the worse part was trudging back up the hill to retrieve his rifle - deer have a very boney back and can tear up a man pretty badly with thier method of running if he's trying to ride... I'll take his word for it.
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amusing stories

Last year my wife and I were sitting around the campfire just before dark and on the way in we noticed a deer decoy on the road,which is about 1/2 mile from our camp. Well,we were sitting there and heard a bang and then a siren and I said they got them one.In a period of about 45 minutes we heard 5 shots and a siren after every one,in fact one of them shot once then 3 more times real fast,I guess he thought he missed. I'm real glad the wardens got the stupid road shooters. sj:)
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Old December 30, 2001, 02:41 PM   #6
Johnny Guest
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I wasn't there, but I trust the storyteller - - -

Friend Ken is a well-respected, high-dollar accountant with a big financial firm in Dallas. He also collects old Winchesters. Searon before last, he drove down to his deer lease for a weekend hunt, all alone. He parked his Explorer at his departure point, loaded up an original 1886 in .45-70, applied buck lure scent to cotton balls on his boot laces, and picked up his day pack. He noticed a small eight-point buck come out of the woods downwind, only 20 or 30 yards distant.

It was a nice, small, deer, but not what Ken was seeking. The buck began snorting and stamping and making little false charges. Ken yelled and waved his arms, and the buck apparently took this as a challenge. It came for him, prancing on hind legs, pawing at him with front hooves. Ken jumped back behind the open tailgate and evaded. The buck backed off and came again, with same result. By this time, Ken was becoming aware of how far he was from town and medical help. The next time the buck charged him, he regretfully chambered a round and shot it, at just about powder burn range. It used up his last buck tag, but was a real life hunting adventure. Ken mounted the antlers as a memento, but said the meat wasn't particularly good. Ended up using it mostly for chili meat.

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Old December 30, 2001, 02:49 PM   #7
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This isn't nearly as amusing as the others on here but at the time is was pretty different.

Had an XP 100 built for groundhog hunting, 6mm/284, killed lots of hogs and some WAAAAAAAY out there. Had one pop up one day only about 100 yards, I had this thing sighted dead on at 275 and I guess I didn't hold quite low enough on this close up one. When I shot, this hog started running big circles faster than any animal I've ever seen. We watched it for a bit expecting it to finally crash and die but it didn't even slow down. We walked expecting it to see us and veer off but it kept coming and finally crashed into my boot. It bounced off and away it went again. Next time around I stomped on it and found the 87 gr. Hornady had cut the most perfect little groove across the top of its skull. You could see the brain tissue showing at the bottom of the groove, we couldn't believe it hadn't exploded but it must have just been perfect to pass on by without opening up. Wish I would have had a video camera that day.
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Well a few years back we had a tree hugging lover of all creatures great and small, neighbor who felt the need to feed 40 lbs of dog food a week to any and all recoons that would come to the house. So despite great efforts, we still haven't thinned the damned things back out to normal levels.
Last summer they made a full assault on our sweet corn, and destroyed the whole crop of early corn right before it was ready for us to eat it. So I declared all out war on them and borrowed a live trap from my uncle. Pretty simple really, if you catch a coon you shoot it and repeat the process the next night, if you catch a cat you shake the hell out of the trap so that it never goes in there again, then shoot it err, I mean let it go sorry all you cat lovers. (No cats were harmed in the actual events described in this story)
Well I got home from straw baling late the second night of having the trap and was going out to set it at about a quarter to 11. I forgot my flashlight but decided not to go back for it since I could rig the trap from the flood light on the front of the barn and then move it to where I wanted it. I was almost past the corner of the house when the leaves of a big plant in the flower start rustling and bouncing around. I waved my hand trying to turn on the motion detector light and step closer to take a look. The light didn't come on but something under the plant let out a nice little growl and shot out of there moving pretty quick, straight at me. It pretty much ran right across my feet and into the neighbors yard. After checking and double checking to make sure I hadn't sh## my pants I decided to go ahead out and set the trap.

I told my dad about it the next day and he said that racoons aren't very fast so it couldn't have been that. He figured it was probably just a fox squirrel. Well I've seen plenty of racoons move fast, especially after you pick up the bale of straw their hiding under, and I've never seen a fox squirrel that big, so I don't know. I guess it may have been that proverbial striped ass ape that you hear about every now and again to tell you how fast something was.

I did get my revenge though. I trapped three of them while we finished off our sweet corn and they didn't get any more of it. One of them was kind of upset about being in the trap and desided to take it out on me. He rolled the trap on its side lunging at me as I walked up to it, and proceeded to growl and put on quite a show. Then as I slipped the barrel of a .22 rifle through the wires of the cage he reached out and bit down on the end of the barrel and did his best to make it a carbine. I couldn't think of anything better to do so I pulled the trigger. He let go pretty fast then
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When I was 11 years old I spent a lot of time out squirrel hunting after school. The way home was about a mile down a long dirt road and although I started back in good light it was usually completely dark by the time I got home.

One night I was passing what I thought was an abandoned home place and there in the semi darkness I saw THE DEVIL! He was about three feet tall, had horns, beard and cloven hooves and although not red was reddish enough in the fading light. Needless to say I ran home.

I came back the next week and there was no sign of him at all on the way out to the woods. I didnt' try to look too closely, but hurried on past hwere I'd seen him.

But on the way back, again in semidarkness, there he was again! So I screwed up my courage and walked up, shotgun at about the most non-aggressive stance I could figure out.

It turns out the devil was actually a billy goat tied with a long thin chain, the folks were using him to clean out the old house place so they could build a new house there.
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Two fella out in the woods huntin' . They came on a clearing with a deep hole in the middle . They assumed it was an old well and spoke badly about the idiot that left it uncovered . They soon became curious about how deep this hole might be so one of them dropped a rock down into it . They heard nothing . One of them then picked up a larger rock and dropped it down there . Again , nothing . They spotted a rather large rock at the edge of the clearing so they both took a side and struggled over to the hole barely holding onto the rock . About 2 seconds after they dropped the big rock into the hole a goat came running out of the woods and promptly jumped into the hole . They were dumbfounded .
A couple of minutes later an old hippie looking fella came out of the trees and asked if they had seen a goat anywhere . They quickly told the fella that a goat had run out of the woods just a couple of minutes earlier and for some unknown reason jumped into the hole . The hippie guy smiled and told them that it could not have been HIS goat since he had HIS goat tied to a big ol' rock .
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Don't know about the authenticity of this but it is amusing.


Reckless Raccoons Break Into Homes and Get Drunk

FORT MEYERS, Florida - Several homeowners in Florida have recently been the victims of drunk raccoons on the loose. Four households complained about raccoons breaking into their residence and eating bread and drinking beer. Marianne Kinzer said, "I'd like to teach them to do laundry." The pesky creatures formerly lived on a 56-acre farm that is currently being constructed. Thus, they have nowhere to go. As Kinzer said, "Ever since these animals have nowhere to go, of course, they're coming into our homes." The neighbors are considering banning together to hire a trapper to catch the animals.

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Old January 3, 2002, 01:45 PM   #12
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I seen those 'coons!

Didn't they do commercials for Lazy Boy Recliners awhile back!!

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When I was a kid we had a pet coon, and it would break out of its cage and break into our house through the basement window then come upstairs and get into the cupboards and shut the door. I'd find him in the morning munching on grahm crackers.
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