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Firearm Discharge in GA


My inlaws have a place in Walker County Georgia (Lafayette) outside of Chattanooga. Their property is on the side of a hill at the edge of town and backs up to the national forest. However, they do have some neighbors - there is a neighbor about 200 yards behind them on a hill, to the left, and neighbors on both the right and left side of them, slightly in front of the house.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone is familiar with georgia and/or walker county laws regulating the discharge of firearms, on private property, without danger to anyone.

Is there a requirement to be a certain distance from other homes? Is it based upon being in the city limits (this is a small town)? I was hoping to set up a short 50yd range in the back yard. Any controls over that?h

just looking for some quick answers. I can do detailed research when I get down over christmas

thanks a bunc
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Bud Helms
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I believe there are ordinances, by county, that prevent the discharge within a certain distance of a home or occupied building. The best thing to do is search the online GA code. Joe Klug may know this off the top of his head. I should, but I just woke up.
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You'd be best to call the game warden when you get down there. It's going to vary by county.

Make sure you explain the situation about the close neighbors. There may be a variance rule that applies if your neighbors are that close.

Here's a link to the Georgia Game and Inland page on hunting regulations:

It only mentions to not shoot within 50' of a public road. I'd check with the local game warden to be sure.
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Joe Klug
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As was previously mentioned, there will be laws that vary from county to county. Since this is inside the city limits you will be dealing with city ordinances also. Most cities have some kind of "discharge inside the city limits" ordinance. Best thing to do would be to call the local police department (if the city has one) or the county sheriff's office to get the news. A check at city hall for the town should bring results also.

Good luck.

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Invite the neighbors

One thing to do is to go next door and invite the neighbors to participate in shooting with you. If they are not interested in participating, explain that you and the family wish to shoot and explain that you will be shooting safely in the direction of the national forest and would that be okay with them. If anyone is going to put the kabosh on the shoot, it will be these neighbors. It is up to you to make the first overtures.
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Yeah, the neighbors aren't much of a problem.

My wifes aunt lives in one house, her grandfathers best friend lives in another, and one of her fathers best friends lives behind us (he is pro gun - first time I met him, he sat me down and we talked about rifles and the bible for about 2 hours)

Joe, were is Carrol County?

Thanks for the web links.
I think I will probably call the county tomorrow or next week.
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Joe Klug
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Carroll County is about 45 miles west of Atlanta on Interstate 20. Almost Alabama but not quite.

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