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Indiana Star: Militia slaying plot foiled

Militia slaying plot foiled, police say
2 men accused of planning fellow member's execution, using controversial play as alibi.
By George Stuteville
Indianapolis Star
August 12, 2001
BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Using a performance of a controversial play as cover, police said, two leaders of a militia
group planned the execution of a third member who they believed had betrayed them.
But the plot went awry Friday when the hit man they hired proved to be an undercover state trooper, and the two
had the wrong location for the play, police said.
Fred Keuthan, 62, and Dallas Fultz, 66, both of Owen County and leaders in the 14th Regiment of the Indiana State
Militia, were arrested Friday night on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, as well as a number of weapons
violations, State Police said.
They were being held without bond Saturday at the Owen County Jail.
Police said they seized a cache of weapons from the men's vehicles and homes, including a number of assault rifles.
The arrests of the militia leaders stem from an investigation that began late last year, when agents of the federal
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms received information that the group, -- founded on right-wing politics and
end-of-the-world religious beliefs -- possessed explosives, said Jack Groh of the ATF.
Groh, ATF's agent in charge in Indianapolis, said agents feared the group would attack police involved in the
standoff at the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, which had been ordered seized for failure to pay taxes.
After U.S. marshals seized the temple Feb. 13, undercover agents continued watching the 14th Regiment, Groh
said, because agents believed the group was trafficking in drugs -- particularly marijuana, cocaine and
methamphetamines -- to finance its arsenal and militia activities.
Police records show that Keuthan was arrested by Indianapolis police last month on a charge of possession of
cocaine; the month before, he was arrested near Brownsville, Texas, for allegedly transporting a large quantity of
marijuana in his car's gas tank.
Keuthan was convinced his arrests were the result of information being supplied to police by another militia
member, said Lt. Mike Snider, commander of the Indiana State Police drug enforcement section. Police would not
release that member's name.
Meanwhile, Groh said that Fultz was becoming more reclusive and aggressive, fantasizing about how he would
barricade himself and fight back if authorities came to arrest him.
The situation became more unstable when police learned that Keuthan and Fultz planned to meet with a woman in
Southern Indiana known as "The Prophet," Snider said.
"They were going to do what The Prophet told them," said Snider, who added that the two often claimed to hear
the voice of God during their meetings with other members.
Police decided to move in after learning that Keuthan and Fultz had dispatched more than a dozen other militia
members armed with assault-style weapons to join a protest rally at the controversial play Corpus Christi.

The play features a homosexual Christlike figure and 12 other characters, most of whom bear the names of Christ's
The play is being performed this weekend at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.
Police said the alleged execution was to take place in another location while the two men were at the protest.
But the militia members apparently believed the play was at Indiana University in Bloomington and planned to
head there.
Shortly before noon Friday, six agents and troopers swarmed Fultz in the parking lot of the Arby's restaurant near
Ind. 231 and I-70 near Cloverdale.
Keuthan was arrested about an hour later on Ind. 243 north of Cunot.
The arrests and tie-in to the play drew strong reactions Saturday.
Attorney John Price, who filed suit to block the university's production, said he was shocked that the militia tried to
connect its actions to the play.
"I am opposed to anyone who has any intent toward violence and intimidation," he said. "It is illegal and stupid.
Anyone who uses such tactics and thinks they are trying to help in this legal and constitutional battle is wrong."
Frank Wilkins, 53, of Lafayette who heads the 11-county Indiana Citizens Volunteer Militia, Tippecanoe Regiment,
said it would be uncharacteristic of militia members to be involved in drug dealing or to plan a military act on a public
event like the play.
"We are patriotic people from all walks of life who merely want to express ourselves in a traditional way allowed by
our Constitution," he said.
Snider, however, said his undercover troopers saw a militia group that was becoming unhinged.
"We think we took action in the nick of time before something awful was about to happen," he said.

Staff writer Michael Rochon contributed to this story. Contact George Stuteville at 1-812-336-1505 or via e-mail at [email protected]
"O tell the Lacedomecians to damn the torpedoes."
BOTR, Chapter V: Some Monsters
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What a laugh riot! Typical. Those morons should have brought a map--Fort Wayne is a ways away from B-ton--or maybe learned to use a telephone.

Anyone starting a pool on how out of shape these "militia" types are when they parade them on TV?
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Old August 16, 2001, 02:32 PM   #3
Scott Conklin
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Sad to inform you but Keuthan at least is a well educated man. Tall, wiry and tough as nails with a commanding voice, though somewhat annoying pronunciation. He's also lacking in common sense and was long ago tossed out of the ICVM as a loose cannon who would wind up getting someone killed. Obviously we were correct in doing so.

As for the drug charges I'm sorry but that isn't the Keuthan I know. The mans beliefs were based on God, the Bible and the Constitution. It was tough enough to get the man to cuss and now I'm expected to accept a drug connection? I suppose people change but from someone with reason to know I'll tell you a large chunk of this stinks to high heaven. I will accept though, that Fred was always good at making a high profile target of himself while jumping to the most paranoid of conclusions involving things relating to his own personal life. That sort of thing makes one an easy trgt for the JBT's.

As for the denigrating tone of your post towards the militia in general, KSF, I'm not going to bother because it frankly isn't worthy of the effort.
"Once the monkeys learn they can vote themselves bananas, they'll never climb another tree." - Heinlein
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Old August 16, 2001, 11:40 PM   #4
David Park
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Based on everything I've learned from the media, one should never hire a hitman, since they are always undercover law enforcement. How does one locate a hitman anyway, ads in the back of Soldier of Fortune? You'd think anyone with a cache of assault rifles would be capable of bumping off an enemy on his own.

Just thinking out loud...
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Old August 17, 2001, 01:31 AM   #5
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David Park -
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Old August 17, 2001, 01:42 AM   #6
Scott Conklin
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Like I said, Fred isn't held in awe for his common sense. I'd hazard a guess that applies to most anyone trying to hire a hitman whose last name isn't Gambino or some such.

Say, can ya really hire a hitman from the back pages of SoF?
"Once the monkeys learn they can vote themselves bananas, they'll never climb another tree." - Heinlein
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Old August 17, 2001, 09:40 AM   #7
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SOF stopped accepting "Man for hire" advertising quite some time ago.
Bruce Stanton
CDR, USN/1310-Ret.
Sgt., Kings Co. Sheriff - Ret.
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Old August 17, 2001, 12:44 PM   #8
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SOF is a serious news and military magazine. Please don't associate it with these maroons.
The really sad thing about this story is these maroons will be all over the T.V. as representatives of the Pro Second Amendment position.

Scott A. Vaughn
Always Remember:
A firearm is only an instrument. It contains no evil, no conscience, and no ability. It is strictly the intent, competence, and character of its user that decide the outcome of any and all actions taken with it.

(I don't know who to credit but I like the quote.)
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