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Point Blank
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Keep it or pass it on.....

Now that i have read everything that interested me (which was basically everything..) i am troubled.....Should i keep it,which means putting it in one of my dresser drawers amongst the masses of magazines i have accumulated, or should i share it with potential subscribers,my local PD's mini precient.Time after time i have drove by and seen officers sitting in there filling out their paperwork,drinking a cup of coffee,etc. and i bet they would enjoy some "bait".This could be done for maybe two or three months, to keep them waiting and anticipating on "fat boy" to deliver the next months issue.Maybe on a few pages at the top i could write in a small tipped majic marker directions to order online (firingline) and the feedback forum on SWAT.Without a doubt,i KNOW i could get a subscriber or two with very little effort just from this mini precient.I was very impressed with the mag and its content,my personal favorite was Close Quarters Engagments,and a very eye opening picture where the officer makes the "mistake" of leading a corner with the muzzle of a weapon.It was mentioned that future magazines will contain a section for real life encounters??,should be very interesting!!Overall it was very good mag and already waiting on next months issue to arrive.Hmmm....ever considered recruiting a "salesman" or two to visit local jurisdictions looking for prospective subscribers???Last,i "think" even Wal-Marts vast magazine section would be worthy of some sales,hopefully leading into yearly subscribers.P.S....however insignificant it is to others,i like that the magazine has its subscription card stapled in,nothing i hate worse than browsing thru a magazine and 10 of them dam things spill out all over the floor of the store i am in,and of course they flutter to the floor in every direction imaginable.Most of the time if no ones looking i will throw a Bruce Lee sweep on them with my foot......right under the racks!!!!!
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