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Oregon Dave
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I was wondering how the Punch products work? I see them marketed to LE use often. What is the rating compared to straight CS?

Interested in getting a couple differnt sized. Perhaps a riot control size for inside the door of the house, and a couple personal sizes for the wife and me.

Kind Regards,

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Old May 21, 2001, 07:39 AM   #2
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I dunno about the Punch product line, but from personal experience and training, OC is much more painful than CS.
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Mike in VA
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Pepper sprays are rated in terms of perecntage of OC (oleoresin capsican - pepper oil) and "heat" measured in Scoville heat units (SHU's). Look for something with 10% OC and at least 2 million SHU's.Here are some links to mfr.s:,,,,,
good luck, M2
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Fox pepper spray

Personal experience (PD training):

Fox pepper spray is some seriously horrific stuff. I've been told that I have a stronger then normal reaction to it, but if 'normal' is half as bad as it was for me, it means that stuff is 100% pure, undiluted, liquid pain.

The academy staff sent me to the hospital the next day because of my eyes- they were STILL tearing and gumming shut from the spray. Chemical conjunctivitis. Nasty.

Be aware, even with my strong reaction to it, I still had several seconds of near-100% functioning before I just wanted to curl up and die. Also, one guy in our class was pretty much unfazed by it. He said it hurt, but other than blinking and crying and having a blaze-orange melon, you'd never know he was nailed by it.

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I don't know your set up, but I would think very carfully about using one inside my house in a defensive role. Any one that has gone that far (in my house) is into lethal force options. OC and the like to me are for less than lethal situations to give me and mine an excape route. There are no excape routes when my back is against my own bedroom wall. Your situation may call for other options, just think them through.
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