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Old August 26, 2017, 02:48 PM   #1
Join Date: August 29, 2009
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PMR 30

Thinking of picking up a PMR 30 22mag KELTEC
any opinions/experience with one of them?
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Old August 26, 2017, 03:27 PM   #2
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Location: Ohio
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NO experience, I lusted over them when they came out but wanted one in 22lr which never seemed to happen.

I've heard of the sights being fragile and the gun is very picky about ammo.

Other then that I have not heard much about them after the inital hype.
I'd be interested if they ever came out with one in 22lr, Not that 22mag is bad I just don't wanna add it to my collection.
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Old August 26, 2017, 03:52 PM   #3
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Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
Thinking of picking up a PMR 30 22mag KELTEC

any opinions/experience with one of them?

Prices were dropping a bit since I last inquired. $450 last gun show. I read it is finicky with ammunition. I know rimfire is inherently unreliable compared to centerfire.

The grip feels good. It wouldn't be a bad range gun.

I am actually getting an FN 5.7 this week, instead.

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Old August 26, 2017, 06:48 PM   #4
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I don't own one but have shot one on four different occasions. The owners of the two pistols that I shot had no real complaints that I would consider anything serious for a gun in this price range and they also agreed. I enjoyed shooting them with no complaints other than I don't like the rear sights the front is fine I just don't like light tubes on the rear(which could be remied easily). I would have one now if it was offered with a six inch barrel.
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Old August 26, 2017, 07:19 PM   #5
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I've seen a few pop up online for under $400 from retailers. I think it would be a fun range toy/plinker, or even for the trails.
Flicks just like a lighter, just a different kind of fire.
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Old August 26, 2017, 07:54 PM   #6
Bill DeShivs
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Mine is fine.
Bill DeShivs, Master Cutler
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Old August 26, 2017, 08:05 PM   #7
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I own one, and I own the fraternal twin- the CMR30..

As far as a gun is concerned, it's a fireball to shoot. As far as being picky; I don't know, it shoots the stuff I bought for it, and fires it well. Haven't found anything that it does not shoot. Mags need to be loaded according to the manual. Follow the manual, and it seems to be OK. I had one of the rear sights crack, and come out.. Keltec sent me 4 replacements for it ( only needed one ... ). Note that all of the ammo that is supposed to work in it is at least 40 grain.

Trigger.. VERY LIGHT. If you think about this as a self defense firearm, don't. The trigger is so light that getting your finger on the trigger is often enough..
Mags are a pain to load to 30... Do yourself a favor and download to 25 or 28 ... Your fingers will thank you, and it helps with reliability of the gun.

The gun itself is very light, even if loaded with all 30 rounds. The sights are bright and easy to see, in daylight. Even with just 25 rounds, one might get tired of shooting the gun before the mag empties.

It'd make a good gun to leave in a backpack; however I would not leave it with a round chambered.. Trigger is way too light ...

It's a nice range toy.. Beyond that,....
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Old August 26, 2017, 08:44 PM   #8
Join Date: August 29, 2009
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thanks for the input,
I had questioned it but didn't have anything to base it on.
think I will leave it alone
thanks again
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Old August 27, 2017, 03:25 AM   #9
Big Shrek
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Perfect pistol for walking into the middle of a squirrel war

I enjoy the heck outta mine, it does exactly what it's intended use is.
Small Game. Nails 'em. You can zonk squirrels all day long
& still have a half-mag left at the end of the day

It'll even take small hogs with headshots...which, after zonking
squirrels, is pretty easy. 80-90lb hogs make pretty good bacon
Wouldn't bother with side shots, as the bullet would be stopped
cold by the shoulder bone if you jerked the shot.
Headshots only, or a Texas Cornhole followed by a quick headshot.

Local rabbits aren't too fond of it garden is safe

LOVES CCI Maximags. Seems fond of 40-50 grain bullets.
This is good, because my Marlins (25MN & 922M) like the same diet.

In a pinch, it's a decent home defense pistol, because the capacity
will definitely get you to your rifle...not to mention the flame tongue
that goes 2' out of it during night fire...guaranteed to worry the heck
out of anyone in your domicile & make 'em think about leaving instead
of staying...
Marlin Specialist
Calico Specialist
A gun should be a tool in the hands of a deadly weapon, not a deadly weapon in the hands of a tool.
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Old August 27, 2017, 08:19 AM   #10
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I too own both the pistol and the carbine. Maybe the most fun combo on the market today!

The pistol has functioned fine with all ammo. Very reliable even with some non-recommended ammo... Armscor to be specific as it is noticeably weaker than quality rounds such as CCI. While the pistol handles weak ammo, the carbine will not. The CMR must have high velocity ammo.

The pistol is a real blast to shoot. I enjoy it as much or more than any other .22. If you follow directions on loading procedure, it will work just fine. I tend towards the blunt nosed truncated ammo as the sharp poly tipped ammo gets hard to load those last 10 rounds or so. Hard to push that tiny point.

I waited until the price dropped below $400. I have no regrets. Waited for the carbine to drop below $600. No regrets there either although those prices have continued to drop.

You'll enjoy it, no doubt.
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Old August 27, 2017, 02:08 PM   #11
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I've tried a decent variety of ammo (some not recommended in the manual) in my PMR30 with no malfunctions to date, and most other owners I hear from seem to have the same experience, so I think its fair to say its not finicky, who knows if it will be able to move past that myth or not.

Mine has a nice light trigger, certainly not as light as MadDawg's though, I wouldn't have any issue using mine for SD if it was at hand.

Mags can be a little stubborn on the last 5 rounds. Thats no issue for me personally as I typically only load 5 or 8 rounds in any of my pistols when I'm at the range.

It's not particularly delicate, but it isn't meant to be thrown about with abandon like a block17 and torture tested. I don't go out of my way to abuse firearms, nor do I fret over every scratch and mark, and I don't have any concerns about fragility or longevity. YMMV as always.
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Old September 1, 2017, 11:41 PM   #12
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I have wanted one since they came out. It seems that at any given time I want another gun more. The prices have come down enough to have me thinking about them again.
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