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Old July 26, 2014, 04:43 PM   #1
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Great Shooting Session with Grandson

Today, I was privileged to help my grandson prepare for Basic Training and subsequent Army Ranger training next month, by giving him a shooting instruction brush-up. I taught him to shoot handguns and rifles offhand and clay targets.

We started with .22 rifles at metal silhouettes at about 40 yards. First, he shot my Winchester 69A with receiver rear and marbles front, he hit several silhouettes and did quite well, considering he's never shot offhand. Next, he shot my HB Ruger 10-22 with a 25-round magazine and 4X scope and he impressed me with that also.

Next, he shot my .223 Rem Tikka 595 with scope set at 4X, blowing up a gallon milk jug full of water. The effect was outstanding! Then, he made holes in several of my .22 LR Silhouettes and a 100 yard pig target. I'll treasure those holes!!

Then, I showed him how to shoot my 6" S&W K-22, double-action, and he did very well with it, nailing several silhouettes at about 30 yards. I didn't let him shoot it single-action. Then, to a Red-Dot sighted Ruger MKII and he was even better. We moved on to my S&W Mod. 19, .357, using wadcutter rounds, double-action. Then, to .38 Special factory loads.

He was doing so well, I set up a B-24 combat target at 25 yards and had him shoot as well as possible with my .45 Colt Gold Cup at the ten ring and he made a nice 3" group in the ten with a couple in the X, using standard ball ammo. He then shot a 2" group in the upper torso and shot more rapidly at the chest area, the groups opening a bit, but still very good.

Next, I taught him how to shoot my 12 gauge, Rem 1100, 21", straight-stocked Special Field. I had just grabbed it and stuffed it into the case without noticing that the Turkey-Extra Full Choke was in it. I commented that it was going to be difficult to hit hand-trap clays with that, but we went ahead. I threw rising birds and told him to just cover them. He hit them ALL! Then I threw about 5 passing shots, but he only got one of those. We finished up shooting some angled rising birds. The tally was about 18 out of 25. For the first time shooting moving targets, I think that was FANTASTIC, especially with a turkey choke!

I wish we'd been able to shoot together more over the years. He could have been a fantastic shooter. However, now he'll be going into training with confidence in his shooting ability and I'm very proud to have taught him some good basics. He's lived out-of-state for all his life and hadn't shot much. When he was around 10, I taught him how to shoot by resting my .22LR rifles, over sandbags, at silhouette targets on the 50 yard range and he was good at that, but we haven't shot there much since. I'm sure he'll be fine in the military, as he's very fit and has taken some pre-training with Ex-Rangers in MA.

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Sounds like ya'll had an awesome day out there. Those are some great memories for ya'll to share. And, thank you for posting that!
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Old August 22, 2014, 11:45 AM   #3
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Shot hand-thrown clays with a 13-year old grandson and his dad yesterday. The boy shot the 20 ga. Rem 11-87, straight-stocked, 23" barreled Upland Special that I've been saving for grandkids.

It was his first attempt at shooting clays and he did pretty well, but certainly needs a lot more coaching and shooting practice.

I took a few shots also, with my son throwing clays, and did especially well, probably due to improved 20-15 vision; thanks to my shootin' eye cataract surgery. The birds were smokin'!!! It felt really good to have done so well, because I hadn't shot clays for a year.
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Old August 22, 2014, 01:03 PM   #4
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Anytime you can shoot with a grandson is a great day indeed. Started shooting with my grandson when he was 10...single shot Cricket .22. We graduated from that as he's grown older. He now shoots any of my .22 or .17hmr rifles, my M1 carbine, AR15, and 9mm hanguns. He's tried my 1911 .45 ACPs but didn't like the recoil.

We go to the range at least once every time he visits. I generally do little shooting when we go, too enjoyable watching him enjoy it.
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Old August 22, 2014, 01:37 PM   #5
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Great times !!!

Anytime you can shoot with a grandson is a great day indeed.
These are the times you know that God, is talking to you. ....
Some of the best work you ever did !!

My compliments and a big; "Hand-Salute" to your lad ....

Enjoy and;
Be Safe !!!
'Fundamental truths' are easy to recognize because they are verified daily through simple observation and thus, require no testing.
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I envy you Picher, I have a 5 grand kids, my oldest being 8, she isnt too interested in the shooting sports, cant wait till my oldest grandson comes of age, he is now just 5. Maybe by the time he is 10 his mother who also likes to shoot will be able to take some time to come with dear ole dad..
Thanks for sharing your shooting day with all of us..
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Old August 23, 2014, 06:54 AM   #7
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We have 7 grandkids ranging in age from 18 down to 6. So far, all but the youngest have gone shooting with me, mostly small .22 metallic silhouettes left over from handgun and rifle .22 silhouette shooting and a few full-sized centerfire handgun silhouette targets.

The oldest 6 grandkids have hunted upland game, ducks, and deer. So far, only one has gotten a deer, but that's going to change soon, I hope.

The oldest, who is going into Basic Training, then Ranger training is leaving this weekend. He's been going to two Ranger Pre-Training courses that he's paid for himself and should do very well.

His two older sisters have hunted and enjoyed being in the woods with their dad and me. Two other grandsons have hunted grouse and deer with me.
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Sounds awesome
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Old August 26, 2014, 05:01 AM   #9
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Kids don't often have the patience or conviction to shoot paper targets. They'll do it to assure that the rifle is sighted-in for the distance being shot, but afterwards, love to shoot small metal silhouettes.

I have about 40 silhouettes of various sizes and shapes, along with some spinners. They shoot spinners after all the silhouettes are down and compete to see who can "go-clean" on the spinners.

By shooting at small targets at the range, placing kill-shots on game is much easier for them. Each kid will shoot 150-200 rounds on an outing. They keep switching rifles among the different action types I own, bolt, lever, and semi-auto. They also do well with my 6" K-22 and the Ruger MKII with a red-dot.
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